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Spring Break

  • spring cleaning your life


    Since it is now spring in the northern hemisphere, it’s time we tackle some all-important spring cleaning! Here are my tips for making the most of this new season.…

  • free people easter glam


    Hello pretty people! It’s past the ides of March (RIP Caesar) and about time to start bringing out my looks for Easter. Boy, is this dress a stunner! This Free People Easter…

  • the truth about juice cleanses


    I have heard about juice cleanses for years. Celebrities do them on the reg, normal people do them to slim down before events or revitalize. Although there is currently snow on…

  • target style spring floral


    Despite the snowy forecast for Chicago, spring is closer than we know it! At least, I hope it is. I broke out my white jeans and florals, so it’s officially spring in…

  • friday five 3/10/17


    Hello fabulous humans! How was your week?! Mine was full of self reflection, prayer and ultimately treating myself. This mindset was so helpful that for this Friday Five I decided to round…

  • the biggest problem with blogging

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    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I love blogging. I love the creativity it allows me. I love the independence I’ve gained. I love the friends and community…

  • weekend in paso robles


    Looking for a fun place to spend a long weekend? Look no further than PASO ROBLES, CALIFORNIA! This millennial wine hotspot is full of ex-Silicon Valley techies who have moved down…

  • friday five 3/3/17


    Happy weekend, loves! Hope you all had a great week of kicking ass and taking names. I had a productive week full of long term planning that I am excited to…