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Not going to lie to y’all, I just finished my last ever spring break, and I’m not too happy about it. I guess if there’s any way to end a 16 year tradition, our trip was the way to do it.

This year, I went to Cancun with my friend Tori and my mom (more on this later). The entire Purdue Greek system goes to Fort Lauderdale every year, but 36 hours there was enough for me last spring break. I had fun, but there is no way I could have lasted for an entire week. So, off to Mexico we went!

Never leaving ☀️

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We stayed at the Riu Palace Peninsula, which was incredible. It’s giant and dominates the landscape, so we could see it when we were in the plane leaving and on a nearby island. It has WiFi in the entire hotel, even outside at the pools and the beach, which was a major plus. Every meal was to die for and for dinner, you would go to a specialty restaurant where you would be served 4-5 courses of your choosing. I never had thought that I would have bomb sushi in Mexico, but it was the best I have ever had! I could continue ranting about the amenities but let’s just agree it was great. Okay? Sounds good.

The beach had multiple areas where you could lay out depending on the level of sun you wanted, as well as many hammocks and beach beds. A section of the beach had these large eroded rocks that you could lay out on and were also a great photo op. It reminded me a lot of the rock beaches in Nice, France that I loved so much!

Not a worry in the world, a cold *Miami Vice* in my hand, life is good today

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We spent most of our days on the beach enjoying the warmth that the Midwest just cannot offer at this time of year. The resort was all-inclusive, so you’d better believe we took full advantage of that and tried every drink they had. We also befriended several iguanas that would walk through the beach areas.

My favorite part of the trip was the day we took a ferry to nearby Isla Mujeres. We rented a golf cart to explore the entire island, which was super cool. Everyone minus the locals drives golf carts around. We met up with Tori’s friends who were staying on the island at Playa del Norte, one of the nicer public beaches. We had lunch at a bar and restaurant with swinging chairs, which was really fun! We then took off to explore. We went in a complete circle around the island and got to see a military base, lots of cool houses, colonias, and temple ruins. All along the way, there were locals selling fresh coconuts, conch shells, and other handcrafted items along the sides of the road. You simply stopped in front of their stand in your golf cart to shop! We also found a turtle farm, called a tortugranje, and I got to hang out with baby sea turtles all the way up to the big ones in the ocean!

I'll take a turtle farm in Isla over a farm in Indiana any day 🐢

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The best part about Isla was seeing this awesome little church called Capilla de Guadalupe. Going back through all my pictures after we returned to the U.S. and seeing this really impacted me, if you couldn’t tell by my rant of an Insta caption.

Though there are thousands (literally) of breathtaking vistas I have from Mexico, this picture means the most to me. Behind the glitz and glam of the five star resorts are the slums known as colonias. Nestled in the middle of run down homes was this beautifully maintained church overlooking the ocean. The people of this colonia could have a laundry list of complaints, and yet they choose to thank God for the little they have. I'm nearly done with my 16 years of education in a world where lots of girls never even get the chance to begin. I've never had to worry about if I'd have food for a meal or where I'd sleep at night, something millions of people ask themselves every day. Pretty darn thankful for the life I have. God is good, all the time (Check out my earlier pictures of the gorgeous beaches He made if you need further proof)

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All in all, it was a great break from reality and an awesome way to spend my last spring break!

A lot of you have asked where I got my swimsuits and outfits I shared on my Instagram, so here are links to those items:

Black tie bikini top // Crochet crop top // White bandeau top // Jean shorts // Grey romper // White playsuit

I will get around to answering emails and comments as quickly as possible!



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