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Traveling isn’t always fun. Unfortunately, it is normally full of lines, delays and stress. Paige and I travel a lot and are used to the craziness that airports can throw at you, so we decided to make an all-inclusive, end all and be all travel tip list for y’all to hopefully ease some of the stress you’ll face!


Before You Leave

If you are bringing a big coat or a large bulky pair of shoes, wear them the day of your flight rather than packing them to save more room in your suitcase.

If you have glasses, wear those instead of contacts to keep your eyes normal. If you wear contacts, they can get dry and scratchy!

Make sure you check your flight status! No use in getting to the airport at the time you originally planned if your flight details have changed, and the gate can change up to an hour before you take off.

Bring a big tote to throw your purse, laptop and other smaller items in to get around the “one carry on and one personal item” policy – I normally fit 4 bags in one giant tote I put under the seat in front of me.


Make sure to bring a jacket/sweatshirt/scarf to keep warm and use as a pillow.

Weigh your suitcase at home with a hanging scale. It’s cheaper to buy that then pay the fee at the airport for an oversized bag!


At The Airport

Check your flight status again, and the gate. Better safe than sorry.

If at all possible, wear slip on shoes and minimize security slow downs by avoiding belts and excessive jewelry.

We all know that liquids have to be in plastic baggies, but don’t forget about your makeup! This is especially hard at security if you have concealer, lipstick, etc. in your purse everyday and forget about it before you get there… Clean out your makeup bags and purses to avoid rummaging through your stuff as TSA agents rolls their eyes.

Charge a portable phone charger instead of your actual phone. It charges quicker than the phone will and then you are free to move around get coffee, go to the bathroom, etc. instead of being tied down to the charging station.

If you are buying food, generally the restaurants get less expensive the farther you walk away from security.

Bring a reusable water bottle (empty) so you can fill it by the gate and not have to pay for a drink.


On The Plane

If you have to go to the bathroom, bolt for it right when you get on the plane. You won’t have to wait in line and it’s the cleanest it will be for the entire flight.

Want entertainment but don’t want to pay for wifi? Use the new feature on Netflix to download movies to your phone so you can watch all your shows without service.

Always have moisturizer for if you get itchy! Flying dries your skin out, and it’s common to randomly start scratching. Come prepared!

Take EmergenC to avoid germs. You’re not trying to get sick before you even get where you’re going.

Be nice to the flight attendants. Even if they’re snappy, they will remember you as an “easy passenger” which means a better chance at getting the drink you want before they “run out.” It will also make your life easier for the duration of the flight. Just trust me on this one.


Happy travels!

xoxo Cait and Paige

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    December 21, 2016 at 10:26 AM

    Great tips! I am so annoying about checking my flight status! I have been burned too many times

  • Reply
    January 17, 2017 at 12:00 PM

    great tips! Huge fan of the reusable water bottle and being nice to the flight attendant’s! I have been on a lot of international flights recently and I also recommend investing in some compression socks if your flights are going to be on the longer side!

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