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Winter is in full swing and that means lots of frozen precipitation! Dressing for the colder weather is not always fun, and winter boots are notoriously dull and bulky. After four years with lake effect snow at Purdue and a few months of winter in Chicago, I know the difference between a good pair of boots and a GREAT pair of boots. I have rounded up the best winter boots broken down by climate and type to fit your needs!


Duck Boots

Duck boots are great for all kinds of winter weather. I wear mine in rain, ice, snow and even just sun! L.L. Bean’s classic Bean Boots are a great option because they are fleece lined with great traction, but Sperry makes a number of different looking options with the same features. The  best part about all six of these duck boots is that they’re SLIM LINED and not bulky! Yay for no clown feet! (I wear a size 8.5-9 and my pet peeve is when boots make my big feet look giant) I included multiple color options – and how fun is that plaid?!



Rain and Ice Boots

Maybe you are lucky and live in a place where snow doesn’t come around often, and the majority of winter you just get rain and ice. You still want traction, especially for the icy days, but you can have more stream-lined and sleek boots since you don’t need much warmth. Hunter rain boots are my go-to, I have both the tall and short styles and LOVE them both. These babies last forever (I’ve had my tall pair since freshman year of college in 2012). Michael Kors, Sam Edelman, and Burberry also have adorable and relatively cheap styles that I’ve linked – $200 for Burberry is a BARGAIN!


Heavy Duty Boots

If you get a lot of snow, it’s best to invest in real snow boots that are up for the challenge. These babies have amazing treads to make sure you don’t slip, are fleece or fur lined to keep your feet warm and dry, and are relatively slim compared to other snow boots. I selected styles with tie up fronts to make sure the boot isn’t bulking out too much from your leg and to keep the warmth inside!


Warm Boots

For those days where you need to stay warm but aren’t needing to fight off any snow showers, these boots are a great option. They are all made to look cute, be comfy and most importantly, keep your feet warm! I love the heeled options for work and going out because they are functional AND fashionable. The Uggs get major hate, but I included a few modernized pairs that will keep you cozy. I wear my Uggs proudly because I feel like I am walking on air all day!

Hope y’all are surviving the winter!!

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    January 19, 2017 at 9:30 AM

    Love those Sam Edelman rain boots! So cute & perfect for slippery, icy days.

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