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Middle school was not a friend to me – my eyes had such bad astigmatism that I couldn’t wear contacts and I had braces (with a jaw correcting rod). I was an ugly duckling for sure. That’s why I was SO HAPPY in high school that I finally got contacts that worked with my football shaped eyes and my braces came off!! Everything was absolutely wonderful in the smile department until my wisdom teeth came along.

It was my junior year of high school and my dentist told me my wisdom teeth needed to be removed ASAP. I had a permanent retainer placed on both my top and bottom teeth after my braces came off, so I didn’t really see any issues with the procedure minus the whole not eating thing. And I didn’t for many months after either! It was almost a year later that I noticed a small change in my front four teeth – one had turned slightly! Needless to say, I was mad that the mass of metal once in my mouth didn’t even last, as were my parents who financed the whole operation. Thankfully, this is so minor that no one notices it, but it’s still been an insecurity of mine.

I’m now 5 years out from my wisdom teeth removal and my teeth still look the same as they did a year after the surgery. Nothing has moved further due to my permanent retainers. However, as my blog continues to grow, more and more photographers and brands want pictures of me with their products. That’s great for my business but still makes me feel a tad bit insecure at shoots. What if this angle is the one that shows it?! Enter Smile Direct Club.

I do want to make a disclaimer that my little issue is just that – very little. As I explained above, I went through orthodontia for multiple years earlier which fixed not only my teeth but my jaw issues. I consulted with my dentist prior to and I encourage you to do the same before pursuing anything. An old friend in dental school reminded me of just how important this is, and I want to make sure you are all informed before making any decisions.

I got the impression set and enlisted my sister to help me out. The box comes with four trays, four containers of gray puddy and four containers of purple puddy. It also has a smile expander. If you do not feel comfortable using the impression set, you can get a 3D scan if you are in a market area. If you’re at all hesitant about the molds working, that’s worth looking into!

To summarize the process, you mix the gray and purple puddy, place it into the tray, and use it to make molds of your teeth. You repeat this twice on the top of your mouth and twice on the bottom. There is detailed instructions on how much time you need to take to combine the puddy as well as leave the mold in your mouth. When that was over, my sister helped me take photos of my smile using the smile expander. I will save y’all from seeing those 😉

All in all, the process took about 25 minutes and was super easy to follow.

I am excited to see how this process goes! I will be checking in toward the end to show y’all what’s been going on and how I like the aligners.


You can use code CAITSMILES to get 50% off your impression kit here.


Disclaimer: Though Smile Direct Club is gifting me with the service, all opinions are mine and mine alone.

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