The Lazy Girl’s Guide to a Flawless Face

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On my readership survey at the end of 2017, you expressed an interest in learning about fashion and beauty trends, but there was a huge disclaimer: It had to be replicable! I LOLd reading your candid responses about how tutorials are designed for those already advanced at things you completely fail at and yall are truly my people, because I feel the same way. I like things quick and simple, otherwise I won’t be able to incorporate it into my routine. Enter The Lazy Girl’s Guide, my new series exploring trends and topics in an attainable way.

First up, The Lazy Girl’s Guide to a Flawless Face!

So many of you messaged me sharing that you reserve a full face of makeup for special events, like nights out or date night, and choose to go with natural beauty most every day. I feel you 110%. I only put on foundation when I know I’ll be at an event where someone is taking my photo, otherwise ya girl has on tinted moisturizer and maybe some lip balm, that’s all. The next part of your messages asked me for products to help your natural skin look and feel its best, and that’s where today’s LGG comes in 🙂

I found three amazing Physicians Formula products that will help your skin look flawless without makeup!


The first step in getting a flawless face is setting a good foundation! The Rosé All Day Oil Free Serum works as a great primer base to promote skin smoothness and long-lasting makeup.

It can also be applied on top of a full face of makeup to give you an extra glow and provide skin-tightening benefits.

The serum contains antioxidants and vitamins that your skins LOVES, and after two days of using this product, I definitely saw a difference in my skin.


Next up is the Charcoal Detox Cleansing Stick! Charcoal is such a big trend in beauty right now, but this has got to be my favorite charcoal product out there. It’s in a convenient stick form which means WAY less mess.

You can use this stick on your entire face like a face mask, and then wet it with water to wash off. I tried this, and it worked well for getting rid of makeup and build-up in my pores.

You can also use the stick for spot treatment, and leave it on for 6-8 minutes. I tried this on my chin, where I get breakouts due to touching my face as I work (I tend to lean on my chin when I am answering emails!). I left it on my chin for roughly 8 minutes and felt really darn good about how clean those pores were afterwards!


Finally, I use the RefreshMint Cucumber & Bamboo Eye De-Puffer to give my skin an instant pick-me-up.

This product cools skin while hydrating, making you look more awake! It can be used under or over makeup. I also heard that you can use this product when you have headaches – I tried this out firsthand last night and IT. WORKS. De-puffs your eyes, eases headaches… this one is a stand out.


Fellow lazy girls, use these three amazeball products and your face will be looking flawless in no time!

I'm Caitlin, a Chicago twenty-something turned blogger who shares outfits, inspo, good deals and so much more. welcome to my corner of the internet!

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  1. I’m so excited about Physicians formula’s new products! i’ve been wondering how these are so thank you for doing a review on them! can’t wait to try them!

    Posted 1.18.18 Reply