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November Favorites

Another month gone, another favorites post!! Keep scrolling to win a $1,000 gift card to Nordstrom 🙂

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Sweater Dresses for Thanksgiving

Can you believe Thanksgiving is just weeks away!? My first Thanksgiving outfit idea – a SWEATER DRESS! Comfy yet cute, it will hide your food baby and eliminate the need to unbutton your jeans 😉

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October Favorites

November is officially here! Turkey Day and Christmas are sooooo soon, I can already smell all the cookies baking 😉 today we are revisiting some of my favorite things from the month of October. Let’s dive in!

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Zodiac Accessories

One of the most trendy *themes* I have seen of late is the glamorization of zodiac signs. They’re on shirts, jewelry, home decor – there are even huge meme pages dedicated to zodiac signs. I, for one, am happily partaking in this trend and understanding more about my astrology. I…

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TV + Movies Graphic Tees

Over the weekend, I saw a great tee from The Office. It made me crack up in public, and I wondered why I hadn’t gotten an Office shirt for myself. I took it upon myself to look high and low for the best TV and movie graphic tees, so you…

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Cozy Scarves Under $30

Happy Monday, fam! Ready to shop some scarves under $30? Hope y’all enjoyed my newsletter yesterday – if you missed it, join my mailing list here. I will be sending these emails out every SUNDAY, so you will only be getting one from me a week. I promise! Today, I…

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