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6 Hour Difference

There is a 6-hour difference between London and Chicago. 360 minutes are spread out over nearly 4,000 miles. These six hours separate me from my friends, my family, my business contacts… my entire life.

Cutest Fall Mugs

Hello again from London! It is currently a cool 60 degrees outside and we have the window open in my friend’s apartment – it feels like crisp, cool air… just like FALL.

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My Favorite Travel Shoes

When you travel, reliable shoes are a MUST. You don’t want blisters or sore feet, and you sure don’t want any shoes breaking! Over the years, I have found some shoes that are cute, comfy and worth the money.

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It’s Okay to Take a Mental Break

This NYFW, I was planning on attending Thursday – Wednesday along with a lot of other bloggers and the majority of my roomies. There was a gut feeling telling me WHOA, hold up, that’s too long. Every fashion week is fun, but it’s a lot. You get maybe 5 hours of…

Why Bloggers Go to Fashion Week

Designers create collections, PR promotes the collections, models display the collections, beauty companies style the models, editors judge the collections and cover them for consumers… Where do bloggers fit into fashion week?

August Favorites

I am so excited it’s September! Before I go too fall crazy on you, let’s take a look back at my August favorites 🙂

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