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The Biggest Problem With Blogging Revisited

A year ago, I wrote “The Biggest Problem With Blogging,” a post I never anticipated to gain traction, but went viral. I wrote of the cold and unsupportive behavior friends and I have witnessed from other members of the blogging community. So many others shared their negative experiences. It really…

Protecting Your Original Content

Imitation is the highest form of flattery, right? That’s what we were taught in grade school. Even before I started a blog of my own, I imitated my favorite style bloggers and drew major inspo for my sorority dance outfits and spring break packing. The goal of content creators is…

Blogging Q&A

I have noticed an influx in DMs and emails asking about blogging, so I thought it was time to answer some questions about the industry, whether you’re just curious from the outside looking in or are interested in making a blog. Hopefully this will shine some light on what I…

The Value of a Blogger

By now, you’ve had to see a blogger pop up on your Instagram explore page or see a post shared on your Facebook timeline. You may have even used a blogger’s sale recommendations to shop, since 80% of all’s mobile web visits are referral traffic driven by an influencer.… 101

This post contains affiliate links. By now, you’ve probably seen #LTKit and some weird URL on the bottom of my Instagram posts. Your reaction was probably something like WTF?? What are these random letters and why are they there??

How to Start a Blog

I have gotten a lot of questions recently about how I started my blog and the various steps that are needed for others to do the same. I decided to write a post about it, so I have a place to direct these questions and also open a dialogue with…

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