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Staying Safe When Going Out

As a freshman in college, I had to take an electronic course on alcohol. It was required by Purdue to help ease the transition into college and prevent alcohol-related incidents. As you can imagine, it turned into a long-running joke amongst my classmates. It really had good intentions, but the…

How to Succeed in Any Job

Whether you are looking for your first job or you’ve been in the workforce for a while, here are my tips for succeeding in any job!

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Making Friends After College

In college, meeting people is so easy. You made friends in class, walking through campus, studying in the library, at parties, in organizations… the list goes on and on. #AdultLife makes finding new friends WAY harder.

The Truth on Growing Apart

This post contains affiliate links. My life is nothing like the teenage dramas I watched in high school told me it would be. No guy has stood outside my window in the rain giving a monologue about how he can’t live without me (and quite frankly that’d be creepy), I…

On the Go with HBO

This is a sponsored post in partnership with HBO. All opinions are 100% mine. Since making the switch to full-time blogging, there have been a lot of schedule changes. Long gone are the days of my set work hours, where once I returned home in the evening, I was free…

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