Comfy Cozy Gift Guide

With the pandemic unfortunately still raging (wear your mask!) and us heading into the winter months, we will all be spending the vast majority of…

Under $25 Gift Guide

This year, I’m trying to adhere to a strict budget with my gifts. COVID has affected everyone’s job in some way, and all the hardships…

Harry Potter Gift Guide

I rounded up my favorite items in this Harry Potter gift guide, all on the inexpensive side compared to a lot of these licensed products, if you're looking to buy for a Harry Potter fan in your life, or if you need ideas of what to send to family members to get for you!

My Favorite Fall Doormats

This year, fall is looking a little different. I feel a little strange putting out my “come in and cozy up” doormat because… well… there’s…

If I Had $1,000 to Blow: August

Welcome back to one of my favorite blog series, If I Had $1,000 to Blow! We paused for a few months, but today we are…

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