the truth about juice cleanses

I have heard about juice cleanses for years. Celebrities do them on the reg, normal people do them to slim down before events or revitalize. Although there is currently snow on the ground in Chicago, summer is closer than we know it, so I decided to try a juice cleanse…

target style spring floral

Despite the snowy forecast for Chicago, spring is closer than we know it! At least, I hope it is. I broke out my white jeans and florals, so it’s officially spring in my mind with this Target Style spring outfit. This post contains affiliate links.

chicago twenty-something mixing my southern roots and city sophisticaition into a kickass wardrobe. never met a queso i didn't like. welcome to my corner of the internet!

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friday five 3/10/17

Hello fabulous humans! How was your week?! Mine was full of self reflection, prayer and ultimately treating myself. This mindset was so helpful that for this Friday Five I decided to round up some of the things that made this week so great (and made me feel so awesome) to help…

the biggest problem with blogging

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I love blogging. I love the creativity it allows me. I love the independence I’ve gained. I love the friends and community I’ve made. However, there is one massive problem with blogging that everyone knows about but no one really says…

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Paso Robles Travel Diary

Looking for a fun place to spend a long weekend? Look no further than PASO ROBLES, CALIFORNIA! This millennial wine hotspot is full of ex-Silicon Valley techies who have moved down to Wine Country in hopes of a more laid back lifestyle. All the luxuries of Napa without the pretentiousness,…

friday five 3/3/17

Happy weekend, loves! Hope you all had a great week of kicking ass and taking names. I had a productive week full of long term planning that I am excited to implement and share with you! But until then, here are my Friday Five.

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