Return or Regift?

Through all the holiday parties and dinner spreads, you probably acquired a few gifts that aren’t exactly your vibe. Maybe your aunt got you a sweater that could fit a toddler, or your mom’s best friend thought you’d love a Bigfoot throw pillow. Before you rush to the store to wait in the return line for hours, play the game of Return or Regift?

Return ASAP

  • If you have a gift receipt
  • If you can get cash for it
  • If it’s a quick fix (exchange for another size or style)
  • If it’s from a store you shop at and will use the store credit
  • If it’s nothing you or your friends would ever want

Regift (for a birthday or other holiday)

  • If you can’t return it
  • If you have no idea where it was purchased
  • If you live far away from the store
  • If the item is on sale and you’d only get a fraction of the price back
  • If you know someone who would love it

Make sure you check out all the great After Christmas Sales going on to get ideas for exchanges, store credit or gift cards you may have received!


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