All About the Enneagram

I recently have seen SO many things about the Enneagram on Instagram. Whether it’s posting memes to stories or sharing their type, the people I follow have been having a hay day! What is this Enneagram anyway? The Enneagram is a tool to better understand who you are at your…

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2019 Opalhouse Favorites

This post contains affiliate links. My favorite line from Target is back!! The Opalhouse line at Target has been restocked, with some items from last year added back into the inventory as well as some great new additions. Opalhouse was one of the first affordable lines to offer boho-inspired furniture…

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How I’m Creating a Healthy Home

I know, I know… today’s post was supposed to be about styling leopard print. However, I’ve been having important conversations with a few of you about making health a priority in more aspects of our life, and I feel that this is something I should share about on the blog!…

chicago twenty-something turned blogger mixing southern roots & city edge into a kickass wardrobe. lover of queso, good deals & jesus. welcome to my corner of the internet!

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Instagram is a Game

Over the holidays, I downloaded the Game of Thrones Conquest app. I was bored, had watched everything on Netflix (no lie), and needed something else to do with my down time. I had a friend recommend the game, promising it to be “well-made” and “addictive.” Spoiler alert: It was. You…

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Staying Organized in 2019

This post is sponsored by Erin Condren. As always, all opinions are 100% my own. Thank you for supporting brands that make Sophisticaition possible! How are your New Years resolutions going? I hope they’re going well! We are only 9 days into the new year 😉 Every year, I have…

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My 2019 Resolutions

New year, new me. JK. I used that as an Instagram caption in college, and guess what changed that year? Not much. This year, my resolutions are more about elevating work I have done in 2018 and building toward long-term success. Hope you enjoy reading about my 2019 resolutions! Be…

Bachelor Bracket: Colton’s Season

It’s almost that time, Bachelor Nation! Colton’s season of The Bachelor kicks off on Monday, and love him or hate him, you’ll be glued to the screen. I’m a part of the latter group, and I have plans to have a wine night during the premiere 😉 I’ve always done…

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