My Latest Beauty Obsession: Being at ULTA

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I know a lot of you want to see more lifestyle and specifically beauty content in 2018 – so here we go! Let’s chat about my latest beauty obsession, Being.

I recently went to ULTA with my friends for a shopping day, where I picked up some of the new Being products carried in store. After Mexico’s sun (and sunburns) I knew I needed to give my skin some love. The products are all together in a easy to find section of the store. I know you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but if you’re thinking these products are bomb because they have cute packaging, you’re right on the money.

The first products I tried were also the safest – body lotion and shower burst. The lotion is Salted Caramel & Macadamia, which smells soooo yummy and hydrates so well. I put some on before visiting a friend on Sunday, and as I walked into her apartment, she asked, “Were you at a bakery before this?” No lie, it smells THAT good. The shower burst comes out in a foam form, which at first scared me but I soon really liked it. It makes it easier to apply, in my opinion, and I got it in the Cloudberry & Lychee Blossom scent. This smells SUPER fruity, as if instead of showering, I hopped on a plane back to Mexico and enjoyed a fresh fruit bowl on the beach.

After feeling like I had mastered the basics, I began to dive into the more unfamiliar products.

I picked up this hand cream because my mom SWEARS by hers. In the past, I just applied lotion to my hands when they were dry – why waste money on a whole separate product for your hands?! I am shook because now I KNOW WHY. Take my money, Being. Take it. My hands have never felt softer than they do after a few days of regularly applying this hand cream after I get home. I know I said the first two products smelled good, but WOW, this stuff smelled like straight up mangoes and I’ve found myself sniffing my palms in public (only once have I noticed someone staring in judgment).

The most intimidating product to me was the body scrub. I know you’re supposed to exfoliate, but again, I never really exfoliated anything other than my face with masks and scrubs. I got the same scent as I did for the shower gel which for some reason made me feel safer trying it out – but it didn’t take long for me to go, Ah, this is why people say to exfoliate your skin. After the first use, my legs feel brand new!

I am really trying to take care of myself both mentally and physically in 2018, and the fact that I now have a skincare routine separate of my face makes me feel like I’m taking a big step forward in that regard. If you’re interested in picking up some Being products, just head to your local ULTA store to see the full selection!

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