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What I’m Thankful For This Year

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, and I wanted to take the chance to reflect on what I truly am thankful for this year. My post last year really resonated with you because I got a bit more personal and raw. I hope that this can reflect that same authenticity and shed a…

6 Hour Difference

There is a 6-hour difference between London and Chicago. 360 minutes are spread out over nearly 4,000 miles. These six hours separate me from my friends, my family, my business contacts… my entire life.

24 Hopes for 24

I turn 24 tomorrow on June 23 and it seems crazy to me that I’m ACTUALLY (basically) 24. I can remember when I was in middle school and my teacher’s daughter came in one day; she was 24! She looked so old to me. Well, maybe old isn’t the right…

Welcome to Sophisticaition 3.0

I am sosososososo excited to unveil the new! With some minor cosmetic changes (but massive internal changes), this baby is ready to go and handle the traffic! Let’s run through some fun features in the new web design that I bet you’ll fall in love with.

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The Biggest Problem With Blogging Revisited

A year ago, I wrote “The Biggest Problem With Blogging,” a post I never anticipated to gain traction, but went viral. I wrote of the cold and unsupportive behavior friends and I have witnessed from other members of the blogging community. So many others shared their negative experiences. It really…

What I’m Giving Up for Lent

Taking a break from my crazy NYFW to get this post up – sorry for being MIA on the blog! This week has been insane and you’ll see why when my vlog and other coverage goes up. Today is Valentine’s Day as well as Ash Wednesday, the start of Lent.…

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