the year of yes

Remember when I said I was going to keep up with this? Same. However, I promise to make good on that statement and update the blog section weekly. My portfolio is a work in progress (as always) trying to convert files and compress them to upload so that *fingers crossed* I get a job come May.

It’s not that I haven’t had a lot to say; everyone who’s ever met me knows that’s not the case. I didn’t know how to say it.

It’s a hard realization knowing you’re about to leave a place, especially a place that is so significant. My family moved over summer, and knowing that my physical home and my childhood home are separated by 30 miles and a variety of cultural differences produces a lot of cognitive dissonance. Purdue has been the thing keeping me from feeling completely homeless and lost in the world. It is the place where I came as a sheltered and obnoxiously naive freshman and realized that I was living my life for everyone but myself. It is the place where I grew the confidence to start branching out and creating the reality I wanted to live in. It is the place where I blossomed and became the person I am today. I owe everything to Purdue and the opportunities it has given me. I cannot imagine parting with it, but in less than a year, I will have to do so.

I’ve been told everyone starts to have their senior year life crisis around Christmas, so I guess I have gotten ahead of schedule. I have no idea where I will be or in what job I will be working after I graduate. There’s obviously a plan A, but life happens, and I am no stranger to plan A, plan B, and the rest not working out. Being an obsessive planner (you’ll get a glimpse when I do my Erin Condren Life Planner review) it is extremely hard for me to not know what lies ahead.

I have come to the conclusion that because I cannot control that aspect of my life at this time, I will instead focus all my energy into making my last year here the best year I have had in my entire life. I’ve dubbed this mindset “The Year of Yes,” meaning that unless it is immoral or illegal, I have to say yes to things. A spontaneous road trip to Indy just to get Zaxby’s when I have a paper due the next morning? Yes. Going to Harry’s after a long day of classes and meetings when I would rather pass out in bed? Yes. Taking chances and pushing myself outside my comfort zone? Yes.

I know God is figuring out the big stuff in my life, so for now, if you need me, I’ll be living up my senior year. Be careful what you ask me to do, though, because chances are, I’ll say yes.

I'm Caitlin, a Chicago twenty-something turned blogger who shares outfits, inspo, good deals and so much more. welcome to my corner of the internet!

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