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It’s about that time of year again! Graduation season is off to a start in a few weeks, and if you are graduating, start shopping for graduation dresses!

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it’s weird to see pics of me with dark hair lol

It is hard for me to think it’s been two years since I graduated college, and that this year, Nick is graduating. Funny enough my graduation dress is still sold by Free People and in stock in case you want to grab it 🙂

From my personal experience and hearing complaints from friends on graduation day, your dress needs to be 1: family appropriate, 2: comfortable and 3: the right color/pattern.

1: If your dress is not something your entire family will feel comfortable taking photos with, then it’s not the right dress. Mine had some cutouts in the floral pattern, but nothing revealing at all.

2: You will be standing for a LONG time before you walk across the stage. Make sure this dress is the right fit, and is comfortable enough for you to wear for a while. I had friends who ordered too small of dresses and could barely breathe in the giant room we were waiting in before the ceremony.

3: I knew my tassel would be white, so I wanted a white dress. Some of my friends didn’t look up their tassel color (and some at other schools didn’t know their caps and gowns would be bright colors…) and they ended up clashing. Look these things up ahead of time and plan accordingly. If you have a strange colored tassel/cap and gown, I would suggest trying to go with something that fits THAT color instead of going with your *dream*. I had a friend whose tassel was a weird puke green color… not cute. She wanted for the longest time to wear a bright pink graduation dress…. she regrets the photos immensely.

Here are some of my favorite graduation dresses!

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