What I’m Packing for LFW + Europe

Can you believe it’s finally time for my Europe trip?! I can’t! I am about to head out and run last minute errands before heading to the airport, but I wanted to share my packing list with you!

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Before we dive in, just wanted to give an FYI that my posting will be a little off for the next few days – this post is going up on Saturday instead of Friday as usual, and I have a feeling my Monday post will be going up Tuesday 😉 HOWEVER, there will be a new YT video on Wednesday as regularly scheduled, as well as a new blog post.

The first thing I did when I booked this trip was check the average temperatures. Let’s just say it’s about to be fall the second I land! This got me really excited because I was able to pack newer items that aren’t wearable back home because it’s still so freakin hot. I also planned my general color scheme around fall – browns, jewel tones (especially emerald), and neutrals.

For London Fashion Week, I am going to be a bit extra obviously, but once LFW ends, my clothes are going to be mainly fall basics. Jeans, sweaters, jackets and tees with jeans will be the norm! Layering will be helpful as I have been advised that temperatures can drastically change between day and night. I am excited to share some of these basic pieces with you – I know you will love them for the colder months ahead! Most everything is under $50 and there are a few splurge items that I have collected over the years, such as my Burberry scarf and my Kate Spade jewelry. Just know I did not go crazy buying for this trip 😉 BUT I did find some brand new dupes that I am soooooo jazzed about that you will be seeing soon!!

Below you will find 99% of what I packed excluding some things I couldn’t find online just yet. I will also be updating my Shop page with this information!

Every look from the trip will be posted to my Shop page where you can just click on the IG photo for product details.

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