September Favorites

Hi friends! Back home in Chi after a crazy September with NYFW, LFW and traveling around Europe! Here are some of my favorite things from the last month 🙂

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Comfy Pullovers

I have been on many planes, trains, and automobiles this past month, and the thing that has gotten me through it are comfy clothes – specifically, pullovers. I can take them off if the plane gets too hot or pull one on when it gets a bit chilly. They also serve as comfy pillows or blankets! Here are some of the ones I brought along with me to Europe. 10/10 recommend all of them!


Longchamp Le Piliage Bag

I have lusted after this bag for a long time and when the opportunity came to get it tax-free and at a steal at an airport came along, I knew it was time to finally get it as opposed to waisting $20 on a random tote bag I would never use again. It lives up to the hype – stretches, carries everything, can get rained on, etc. It’s perfect as a carry on or school/work bag and comes in so many colors. I got black and feel I can wear it with anything because of the brown straps.


Kinder Schoko-Bons

I was on my period in Europe and my friend was a saint and had these for me… they are SO. GOOD. I had to go buy more bags to replenish her stock because I went through so many 😉 thank goodness they are available in the US, too!!! And they’re individually wrapped and 33 calories a pop, so nothing to feel guilty about.



I had a big scarf moment in Europe. I got vintage scarves from neat stores in Edinburgh and Bratislava, and also some from Topshop 😉 I recently discovered there are lots of cool vintage ones sold on Etsy! Here are some similar to the ones I bought.


TSA Pre-Check

Never thought this would be featured in a blog post, but here we are.

TSA Pre-Check is a godsend. I was having to take out my laptop + small bag of liquids every time we traveled in Europe, and thank goodness I do not have to do that when I fly domestic because of Pre-Check. I got yelled at in multiple airports for not knowing the “proper size of plastic bags,” having “too many liquids,” and for “not removing my laptop from its sleeve” (that last one got me pulled aside for a security check since people apparently transport drugs in laptop sleeves????) but I was able to relieve some tension by repeating, “Sorry, I’m an American that is used to Pre-Check.” The European airport security people told me how lucky I was and that they had heard about the elusive Pre-Check. One enquiring soul asked me if it really was as easy as people claim i to be… I thought on my experiences, and then gave a big Y E S.

Sure, our politics may be a laughing stock and net neutrality is dead, but in the U S of A I can walk through security without removing a single item from my bag or thinking about the size of my freaking plastic liquid bag. I will never again complain about the length of the TSA Pre-Check lines at O’Hare… At least until I fly home for Christmas and have to deal with its chaos, then all bets are off.



(LOL that the biggest part of this blog post is an ode to TSA Pre-Check. I am done. Today is cancelled.)

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