Faster Way to Fat Loss Review & Results

I just wrapped up my Faster Way to Fat Loss program and have been getting a number of questions about it. Does it work? Should I do it? What are your results? I decided to answer them all in one big Faster Way to Fat Loss Review post so I don’t miss anything!

Around Christmas of last year, I noticed I had gained weight seemingly overnight. There wasn’t really any explanation. I walk a lot, living in the city without a car. I was eating relatively normally, not like I was eating a slice of cake every day or anything crazy. You can understand my utter confusion. A pound here and there after vacation or friends visiting, sure, but what I experienced out of nowhere?? (I later discovered this weight gain was due to switching medications). More than the number on the scale, I was worried about how I felt. I felt sluggish, bloated, and just not myself.

Enter Faster Way.

I was a bit hesitant when I first learned about the program, because we all know how before and after photos can be staged or made to look dramatically different. Was it REALLY all these before and after photos were making it out to be? I met up with my friends Lauren and Laura Leigh during NYFW who were on Faster Way, and both of them had nothing but great things to say about it. Having real people that I trusted tell me to do it was definitely what made me pull the trigger!

It can be hard to believe things people say online, and I’ve definitely spent money on things that didn’t work before. I get it. That is why I am here to tell you, just as Lauren and Laura Leigh told me: if you follow the program, Faster Way IS LEGIT.

I compiled a list of questions from you about my FWTFL experience to help give you more insight into this nutrition program and why it’s helped me regain my self-confidence and develop a healthy relationship with food. Keep scrolling to see my before and after pictures!

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What is Faster Way?

Faster Way to Fat Loss is a six-week program designed to help you lose fat, not weight, using carb cycling and intermittent fasting.

What is carb cycling?

Cycling your carb intake. Each day, you have a different carb goal. Everyone’s macro goals are unique, as everyone’s body and lifestyle is unique! Your coach will help you set your goals for each day to properly start carb cycling to burn fat.

What is intermittent fasting?

Setting specific eating hours. I only ate between 12 PM – 8 PM. This is known as a 16:8 fast, since you are fasting for 16 hours and eating for 8. Your coach will help you set your fasting window based upon your schedule.

Can’t I just incorporate those without joining Faster Way?

You can, but you won’t see the same results. I was unknowingly doing intermittent fasting before Faster Way and was still struggling. Now, I have a better knowledge base that enables me to use it in a different way.

What was your goal in starting the program?

I honestly didn’t have a numerical goal. I feel like focusing on a number sets yourself up for obsessing over it, and I didn’t want that. I just wanted to feel like myself again and learn more about what goes into the food I consume.

What makes this different from other nutritional programs?

The education. Having a coach right there with you to help you along the way and teach you more about proper nutrition was key in my success. Jocelyn was my coach and she knew her stuff. She had an answer to any question and it made me feel super secure knowing that she was leading me in the right direction.

What parts were easiest for you?

  • remembering to log my food
  • intermittent fasting and waiting to eat until 12 PM
  • regular macro day (obviously haha!)
  • low carb day (this may come as a shock but I honestly struggled way more with low macro day)

What parts were hardest for you?

  • remembering to post a screenshot of my intake daily in our FB group (this lets your coach ensure you are eating enough / getting proper nutrition)
  • low macro day
  • eating enough (I know this seems so backwards for a nutritional program, but some days I didn’t hit my protein or carb goals!)
  • switching my workout schedule to match the eating schedule
  • estimating macros when eating out or traveling

How did you track macros?

I used MyFitnessPal premium because it allows you to shift your goals away from calories to macronutrients, and also to set different goals for every day. I never had to calculate my macros for Low Carb Day because it was already inputted into the app! Super easy.

Is there a set list of what I can and can’t eat?

There are general guidelines but ultimately it is up to you to determine your meals. There are great recipe suggestions and our FB group was full of meals that other girls had made and loved. It’s definitely not restrictive – there is no meal by meal breakdown of what you have to eat!

How hard is it to follow the eating rules?

Really not too hard after the first week. Prep week is designed for you to ease your way in, figure out what meals work for you and your lifestyle while fitting into your macros, and get a good grocery list going. I came up with easy go-to meals for low carb day early on and I think that’s a big part of why I was successful. I also got in the habit of logging my macros first thing in the morning of what I had planned to eat that day to ensure it fit and to avoid being stressed later on.

Do you have to do the workouts?

I didn’t do any of the workouts that come with the program. I did workouts of my own – Barre 3 videos, long walks, biking – but I know the people who did the FWTFL workouts really enjoyed them.

How did you stay on track when traveling or eating out?

This was one of my concerns that I asked Jocelyn about during one of the weekly live streams she did in our FB group! She encouraged me to estimate the ingredients going into meals cooked by others or find similar meal options in the My Fitness Pal app when eating out. When I would sit down at a restaurant or at a family member’s house to eat, I pulled out my phone and began “playing around” with my macros, entering different things to see what would be the best with the macros I had left. This let me visualize my meals before ordering or serving myself.

What was your “treat”?

If you aren’t familiar with FWTFL, on Saturdays you are encouraged to treat yourself and plan a special something into your macros. I loved Udi’s GF cake in a mug with some almond butter on top… tasted like a slice of cake but fit perfectly into my allotted macros for the day!

How much weight did you lose?

I honestly haven’t weighed myself since ending the program because it doesn’t matter to me. I am proud of my progress and know there was a change in my body, but more importantly I made a change in my lifestyle. I look at food labels when at the grocery store. I understand macronutrients and what I am putting into my body. I always log my food to make sure I am eating enough. That is what makes my program successful in my eyes.

Below is my before and after photo. I intentionally put the “after” on the left to see if people could actually notice a difference, haha! Luckily, when I sent it to friends and family, they were quick to notice the change.

5/12 versus 4/24

What is the biggest non-scale change you have noticed?

In total, I lost 12 inches during this program! My waist and hips are where I can notice the most change. I still have progress to make to get back to my body’s “normal” place, but I am so happy with where I am and how things are fitting.

I was able to put on a pair of denim shorts that I bought my sophomore year of college. WHAAAAT. Obviously they could fit better so I still have some work to do, but the second they zipped up, I about lost it. That to me meant so much.

What advice would you give yourself on day 1 now that you have completed the program?

Stick with it, because it will change everything!!

Can I sign up to do it with you?

Yes! Just DM me and I will make sure we are put in the same group!!

Can I sign up with your coach?

I 1000% recommend that you do! Jocelyn is great – click here to join her next round 🙂

Faster Way has helped me get back on track to where I was before, and I know it can do the same for you. Please do not hesitate to ask me any questions!!

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