Say Goodbye to Coffee Stains with ARC

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of ARC. The opinions and text are all mine.

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Let’s be real here – I drink a LOT of coffee. I should have an IV of it, at this point. First thing in the morning, I have cup 1… and sometimes by the end of the day, I’ve had 4+. While this may be great for my productivity, it’s not so great for my smile. Coffee stains are the WORST. You can’t exactly drink it through a straw since it’s so hot, so there’s no way to avoid the coffee hitting your teeth and leaving its mark.

With some exciting work trips coming up to Mexico and New York Fashion Week, I want my smile to be on point, bright and white, so that when I’m meeting new people and taking allllll the photos, I can be my bubbly, giggly self!

I am super duper excited because I’ve found the solution to my coffee stain problem! No, not giving up coffee 😉 the new ARC system!

Let’s talk about how I came to partner with ARC. I’m all about transparency, and so is ARC. The brand saw all these brand-new whitening products hitting the market containing questionable ingredients. Remember those charcoal toothpastes that were ALL over Facebook?? ARC made a brand-new company JUST to correct the misinformation and provide a healthy whitening solution. In the age of fake news, it’s refreshing to find a brand who cares about transparency. That’s what convinced me to try the product out, and then the product sold me!

What’s different about ARC compared to other at-home whitening solutions?

  1. Most importantly IMO, ARC contains no extraneous ingredients – everything in it is designed to give you professional-level whitening results. No dangerous ingredients. No random “hack” to whitening. 
  2. These whitening strips also stay in place!!! If you’ve tried other brands before and the strips slip down… you know exactly how awkward and uncomfortable it is. I have not had my ARC strips slip.
  3. There’s a blue light that works WITH the whitening strips. The science behind the blue light is that it uses a specific wavelength that targets set-in stains to weaken their chemical bonds. AKA  bye coffee stains!

Usage is pretty easy and self-explanatory. It only takes 30 minutes, so I suggest putting on an episode of your favorite show and popping ARC strips in. When you’re 25 minutes in, pull out the blue light and use that for the remaining 5 minutes to really accelerate the whitening. Then, voila! Results are visible after 3 days of daily use, so the sooner you start, the better!

ARC is now available at Target! It was easy to find my kit in the dental aisle because of the packaging. If you’re a homebody and shop online, good news – it’s on Target’s website, too!

Let me know how you guys like the ARC system! Excited to hear your thoughts 🙂

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