31 Days of Outfits

Hi, friends! Been a minute, and for that I am very apologetic and very grateful to you for your patience.

As I’ve explained on IG stories, this past month of September was w i l d. So many parts of my life that were in a holding pattern suddenly were moving forward at warp speed, which is great, but it made my plans for 30 days of outfits posted to my IG and TikTok become 31 Days of Outfits instead in the month of October.

This whole idea began a few months ago when I was talking to a fellow blogger (creator? influencer? I don’t know what the most 2021 term is for us haha) friend about how I used to dress up JUST for a photo and the outfit never was lived in. I’ve really slowed down the fashion in my closet and my shopping carts, and a great way to show you how to wear things multiple ways is showing you how I actually do wear them, and rewear them, and rewear them (looking at you, OV exercise dress that I am currently in for the third time in two weeks). Also, not every outfit I wear is truly *~*IG worthy*~* and trying to pretend differently seems fake to me. You’ve already seen two errand outfits from me, which aren’t ugly, but they aren’t glamorous by any stretch. You’ll see more WFH and “running around” outfits, as I call them, since I normally only get dressed to do fun things or to do shoots for my shop or clients.

I am posting each outfit to my LTK and my shop page as I go, linking either exact items or similar versions and giving you sizing information! I’m really enjoying laying out my outfit the night before like I used to do in high school, and I also have gained sooooo much respect for all the teens on TikTok who can do flawless transitions. I am trying my very best, and yet it seems so effortless for them!

If you have any specific outfit requests, let me know! I will probably work these into blog posts at a later date, too.