dead week ain’t dead

Dead Week (noun): “At any major college or university, the week before finals are administered and most major projects and assignments are due for submission. The late night working and hardcore studying for finals gives the students a zombie like atmosphere, and causes an eerie silence and many blank, unseeing expressions.”

Although UrbanDictionary may not be considered a credible source, in this instance, I’ll back its definition up.

Welcome to Dead Week.

Dead Week, or the week before final exams, was originally designed to help students. It is supposed to be observed as a time to study hard for upcoming finals. No tests are to be administered during this period to further promote this idea. In order to get around this rule, professors use this week as the due date for more assignments than you had ever thought possible.

Talk to any college student and I am sure you will hear the same sentiment that I am currently feeling: I am completely overwhelmed.

Unlike many of my peers, dead week isn’t my preparation for finals week, it IS my finals week. #PRproblems, am I right? Extra projects, extra stress, extra caffeine.

Today, in the course of two hours, I gave two final presentations. Because that wasn’t enough work, both courses also had supplementary term papers due. To say I am tired at the moment (11:29 PM, to be exact) is an understatement. However, I will persevere, if only because I must… I still have two more final presentations to go.

To all my fellow college students out there struggling to make it to winter break, let me say one thing: You got this.

This semester, you woke up (most days) and went to class. You took notes and paid attention, except maybe that one day that you had a paper due and were up until 4 AM. Even then, you absorbed the information from the course. You did your assignments. You took your exams. You’ve gone through four whole months of your planner. You’ve made it too far to give up. Besides, most of the time, final exams are easier than the normal ones!

If it turns out I’m wrong, there’s always mom and her wonderful cooking to comfort you when you make it home.



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