Healthy Edible Cookie Dough

My sister and I have been ADDICTED to this healthy edible cookie dough recipe during our time at home! It’s so easy, doesn’t require any real cooking skills or even baking, and takes about 5 minutes from start to finish.

It doesn’t contain eggs, so it’s safe to eat, plus it’s actually super healthy compared to other “cookie dough” options at the store!

healthy edible cookie dough recipe

I’m trying something new and utilizing Jumprope for a blog post tutorial, I think it’s super fun and I can’t wait to hear what you think!

Below you will find ingredients and instructions, complete with some shaky iPhone videos I tried to take last time we made a batch 😉

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What you'll need
(1 can)
Dark Chocolate Chips
(1 cup)
Maple syrup
(2 tablespoons)
(2 teaspoons)
Almond butter
(1/4 cup)
(1 cup)
empty the can of chickpeas into the blender
add in the almond butter
add in the maple syrup
add in the oats
add in the vanilla
ensure the lid of your blender is properly closed
blend on high
blend until it seems smooth
transfer to a container and mix in chocolate chips
grab a spoonful and enjoy!
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My mom has a major sweet tooth and so she adds some Stevia to the healthy edible cookie dough, but even she really likes it! If you make it and think it needs some sweetness, you can always try Stevia 🙂

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