Clean Out Your Closet with Material World

If you’re looking for a way to clean out your closet before you go back to school, or just want to make some money off stuff you never wear, you need to hear about Material World.

Material World lets you get rid of your clothes, shoes, and accessories in exchange for credit to their own inventory or a few retailers. Think of it as an online Plato’s Closet or resale shop, but with nice stuff. They only accept certain brands (list here) but I really appreciate that they want quality items.

I had three Kate Spade wallets laying around from the beginning of college that I never use, so I requested a trade in kit. Within a few days, a giant plastic bag appeared for me to mail my wallets in. I filled out a form with the items’ descriptions and condition.

After I sent them off, I got an email saying that all three of my wallets were accepted! I was then told the money I could receive for my items, or request my items back if I wasn’t happy with the compensation. I received $64 worth of credit, and chose to put that on a Nordstrom gift card because I knew I’d spend it at the Nordstrom Sale within seconds 😉

Overall, my experience with Material World was super easy and worth it, because I got more for those wallets than a resale shop had quoted me. I’m frequently browsing their “pre-owned” section of other people’s trade ins because they have designer stuff for SO CHEAP. Definitely add this site to your bookmarks! (Warning: it may start a dangerous habit!)

Use this link to earn an additional $25 towards your first trade in offer.

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Material World, but all opinions are mine and mine alone. #MaterialWorld #NeverStopEvolving

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