February Favorites

The second month of the year is ending and in the past 27ish days, I’ve found some new favorite things to share with you!

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RMS Beauty

I had the pleasure of meeting RMS Beauty founder Rose-Marie Swift at an event last weekend and my whole take on the beauty industry has been changed. I was given the coconut cream cleanser and some of the supplements, and in the time since I have purchased the concealer and luminizer. I am OBSESSED. My skin has never felt better and I am wearing infinitely less makeup than before!


Universal Threads

The latest of Target’s new lines is Universal Threads, and it is giving me major Madewell vibes. I got some pieces from this line that will be coming soon to the blog!


Hoop Earrings

I was very anti-hoops for a while but this February and especially this last Fashion Week has me sold on hoops. I got some gifted to me by companies and purchased some pairs myself, but here are my current obsessions.


Trench Coats

Rain is about to become a constant as spring arrives, and don’t get me wrong, I’ll take it over snow. Snow is hard for me to love after being on the beach in Mexico and getting a taste of warm weather. I recently got an adult trench coat from J.Crew and it is a really classy rain coat. I feel v professional in it and highly suggest you add it to your wardrobe!


Graphic Design

I have always loved playing around in design platforms but this last month I made iPhone wallpapers for you, and you LOVED them. Many more to come!


Protein Bar

For those of you not in Chicago, DC or Colorado, you may think I’m talking about a physical protein bar, but I am referring to the chain Protein Bar serving up protein shakes and smoothies, salads, wraps, and more. I had been to Protein Bar a few times before but this last month, I really relied on the fast yet healthy food they have available! AND found out they’re on several food delivery apps, oops 😉

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