Affordable Dainty Jewelry

Dainty jewelry is all the rage right now. It seems it’s only in style to have outrageous statement earrings or dainty jewelry, nothing in between! However, I have noticed that quite a lot of these smaller pieces end up with way bigger price tags! How? I’m not exactly sure (Ok, I do know it’s higher quality yada yada) but it seems outrageous to fork over big bucks for such tiny items!

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The easiest way to find dainty jewelry pieces (or anything, for that matter) is to search on Etsy. Etsy is an online marketplace for creators. Furniture, clothing, jewelry, home decor, beauty products – anything and everything is on Etsy. I find a number of my vintage furniture pieces on Etsy, and I have loved it for birthday and holiday gifts as well since most anything can be customized or personalized.

Etsy is where I was able to find amazing quality items for a fraction of what they’re selling for at places like Nordstrom. I rounded up my favorites below, and you may even spot some that I own and have posted to IG before 😉

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