Summer Essential: The One Piece Swimsuit

Thank you for all your kind words about Friday’s first Summer Essential post on the LWD! Today, we are moving on to what is potentially my FAVORITE summer item for 2018 – the one piece swimsuit!

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The one piece revival began in summer 2016, right after I graduated college and had chosen to go to the bars more than the gym for the last few months. It couldn’t have come at a better time! One pieces are amazing. They are flattering, covering (where you want them to be) and all around practical. You never have to worry about your top coming undone or your bottoms falling off in the ocean!

Show as little, or as much, as you want!

Perhaps my favorite thing about the one piece swimsuit is its versatility. It comes in nearly every cut and shape imaginable so that you can feel comfortable at the pool, the beach, or the lake.

Examples: Maybe you are okay with showing some cleavage, but want to make sure your middle section is covered. I would suggest finding a v-neck or halter one piece to show some skin in a tasteful way but cover everything you want covered. Maybe you have worked really hard at the gym and want to show off your abs (power to you if so), there are one pieces with cut outs in the abdominal area to help highlight your figure.

My point being – you can find the perfect cut of a one piece for whatever your heart desires.

I personally like to keep my stomach covered (so I can eat and drink without feeling self conscious about bloating) but I do love to get sun on my shoulders and chest. AKIRA sent me the cutest gingham one piece that lets me feel comfortable and still show some tasteful skin.

There’s one for everyone!

Your personality can really shine through in a one piece swimsuit. With bikinis, it’s a bit harder because there is so much less material to work with! I love how crazy and extra one pieces can be, with embroidery and bedazzled gems, but I also love the simplicity of a stripe or polka dot. There is bound to be a one piece in your favorite color, or featuring your favorite print. I personally am loving the fun fruit and leaf patterns that instantly remind me of a tropical locale.

You can pair them with shorts or jeans!

This is another amazing thing about one pieces. They transform to body suits instantly!

Last summer, I forgot to pack a going out shirt when I traveled to visit my friend Betsy. I just used my black one piece in place of a body suit with a pair of high waisted jeans !! I did, however, wear undies to prevent chafing and other lady issues. I would advise you to do the same (and based on googling, so do OBGYNS). Major bang for your buck here! Swimsuit and body suit all in one!


I linked some of my favorite one pieces below, with varying cuts, styles and patterns. Hope you find one that you love!!!

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