My Favorite Places to Bargain Hunt

I love bargain hunting. There’s something about finding a great item at a low price or saving a chunk of change. I try my best to buy all my clothing items at prices below $50 or at a discount! Today, I am sharing some of my go-to spots for finding deals and places to bargain hunt. You have to act fast, because the good ones go quickly!!


Over the years, eBay has become one of my favorite sites to search. Obviously, as on all resale sites, you have to be careful to not get duped into buying a fake or misled on what the item is. However, I have saved tremendous money on some purchases by buying secondhand on eBay, and by buying new products! I got a Gucci perfume for $30 (excuse me, what) last fall!!

Nordstrom Rack

Items from the last season at Nordstrom get sent to Nordstrom Rack. It’s where I get a lot of my staples, like Madewell jeans, Free People tops, BP. sweaters, and more. I find a lot of good deals at Rack, and a lot of it is by looking daily. Things that are good items for cheap go FAST. I try to pull a lot of my Daily Deals from Rack because I know they are amazing bargains. I see big name brands marked down solely because it’s turning into a different season… you have to act quickly, but you can save a lot on something that will be back up to full price the next year.

Off 5th

Similar to Rack, Off 5th carries leftover items from Saks 5th Avenue. These items are usually still expensive, but Off 5th is a way to get discounts on popular designers that make their prices more affordable. I have seen major labels for insane discounts, all because it’s “last season”!!! If you are in the market for a designer bag, pair of shoes, etc. this is a great place to look to find it new.


Overstock has, well, an overstock of goods from everywhere else online. It’s a real hit or miss. They carry electronics, furniture, clothing, accessories, and more. I have found iPads for $250, designer bags for $500, and a variety of Kate Spade home items for relatively cheap. You just have to get lucky and hit it on a good day!

The RealReal

If you’re looking for designer items at a big discount, used will be the way to go. The RealReal is one of my favorite online consignment shops for designer goods. You can find bags that are new with tags for huge markdowns from their list prices. You also can find vintage designer pieces! I like that you can set a price limit on here and find items in your budget. You can sacrifice and get a little more wear and tear on your items to buy them cheaper. I had a friend who bought a Louis Vuitton Neverfull for $350 on The RealReal, when it retails at $1200+. Why was it so cheap? Something had spilled on the inside of the bag. My friend didn’t care and took the huge savings, because in her words, “No one will be looking inside of the bag.” She saved a ton, and you can, too (no stained items necessary HAHA)


One of my long-time discount stores has been TJMaxx. You can find anything from American Eagle to Gucci at TJMaxx, which is why I love it so much. I can get a top for $5 and then buy Steve Madden sneakers for $30! There is a wide variety of brands offered, ranging from budget to high-end, and I usually shop the in-between. There are also a lot of home decor items, which is great as its sister company HomeGoods doesn’t have a shoppable website. TJMaxx updates its items online DAILY and you have to buy quickly if you see something you like… otherwise, it will be gone.

I hope this helps you on your quest to find the best bargains!!

Remember, I always do the work for you by publishing my 5 daily deals each and every day 😉

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