The Hannah Bachelorette Bracket

Time for another Bachelor Nation season, this time with Hannah as our Bachelorette! The Hannah Bachelorette Bracket is the third I’ve made for you and I am so excited to kick things off when the season premieres on Monday, May 13. We had so much fun with the Colton Bachelor League on IG stories that I decided to bring that contest back again for Hannah’s season. If you just want to download the bracket to play against friends and family, that’s fine! Buuuuut if you want to compete for a chance to win one of 5 highly coveted beauty prizes from yours truly, join my league 🙂

Here’s how it works:

Every week, after you total your weekly points (more info on scoring below) you’ll just snap a picture of your score and post it to Instagram stories, tagging #CaitsBachelorLeague and me (@caitpatton) so I can see it and mark you down!


After everyone’s total scores for the season are counted and Hannah chooses a winner, I will contact the 5 highest scoring ladies and give them a prize! I do have some measures in place for tiebreakers. but if there are any ties, I will figure something out (PROMISE!)

Whether you’re joining my league or starting one of your own for your watch party, all you need to do to download the Hannah bracket is to enter your name and email below, and then you are ready for the premiere!!! There will be a pink downloadable link that pops up AND you will get an email with the link, too.

[email-download download_id=”6803″ contact_form_id=”6802″]


Each week, you will write down the names of the contestants that you think will receive a rose from Hannah and move on in the competition. After each rose ceremony, you will give yourself the appropriate number of points per correct contestant:





There are also “Bonus” questions that you will fill out on as the contestants exit the limos to meet Hannah. For each correct bonus, you will give yourself 20 points.

At the end of the season, you will add up each week’s score, along with any bonus points, to get a total score!

Just a general note… every season the producers change the number of girls sent home on each week. I based these numbers off of Colton’s season but they can (and probably will) be off at least one of the weeks. Just write in any extra names there aren’t spaces for and still give yourself the points.

If you have any questions, feel free to email me or leave a comment below, and I will happily assist you!

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