Bachelor Bracket: Colton’s Season

It’s almost that time, Bachelor Nation! Colton’s season of The Bachelor kicks off on Monday, and love him or hate him, you’ll be glued to the screen. I’m a part of the latter group, and I have plans to have a wine night during the premiere 😉

I’ve always done a bracket with my mom and my aunt each season of the Bachelor/Bachelorette. It’s a fun way to keep in touch and has gotten pretty competitive! I even made a bracket for y’all to download during Rachel’s season, but with life being so crazy, I never got the chance to do any for Ari or Becca’s seasons.

BUT, here we are, back and better than ever for Colton’s season! I think this bracket is my best yet, and I hope you agree 🙂

I also have added a fun new twist… this year, we are going to be doing a Bachelor League of our own! In addition to playing with your family and friends for fun, you can join #CaitsBachelorLeague for a chance to win some AH-MAZING prizes from yours truly.

Here’s how it works:

Every week, after you total your weekly points (more info on scoring below) you’ll just snap a picture of your score and post it to Instagram stories, tagging #CaitsBachelorLeague and me (@caitpatton) so I can see it and mark you down!


After everyone’s total scores for the season are counted and Colton chooses a winner, I will contact the 5 highest scoring ladies and give them a prize! I do have some measures in place for tiebreakers. but if there are any ties, I will figure something out (PROMISE!)

I put a poll on Instagram stories asking if you would rather have contestants’ occupations and ages or photos on the bracket to help you keep track (there are a tooooon of girls). You voted for PHOTOS! For the first time ever, there are photos of all the contestants (and Colton, duh) on the bracket itself!!! No more going on the ABC website during commercials trying to figure out who everyone is 😉

All you need to do to download the Colton bracket is to enter your name and email below, and then you are ready for the premiere!!!

[email-download download_id=”5808” contact_form_id=”5798”]


Each week, you will write down the names of the contestants that you think will receive a rose from Colton and move on in the competition. After each rose ceremony, you will give yourself the appropriate number of points per correct contestant:

Weeks 1-3: 1 point

Weeks 4-7: 5 points

Weeks 8-9: 10 points

Winner: 50

There are also “Bonus” questions that you will fill out on as the contestants exit the limos to meet Colton. For each correct bonus, you will give yourself 20 points.

At the end of the season, you will add up each week’s score, along with any bonus points, to get a total score!

If you have any questions, feel free to email me or leave a comment below, and I will happily assist you 🙂

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  1. Ashton wrote:

    Are you going to post the answers to the bonus questions in case we missed any?

    Posted 1.7.19 Reply
    • Caitlin wrote:

      yes! I will be on stories!

      Posted 1.8.19 Reply
  2. Carley Becker wrote:

    Hi – I am using the printable bracket, could you tell me which episode matches week 1? Last night 23 girls remain but week 1 only has 20 spots. Does Week 1 actually start with the January 14 episode?

    Posted 1.8.19 Reply
    • Caitlin wrote:

      Hi there! The producers said there would only be 20 roses handed out so that is my bad. Week 1 was last night. Just write the extras on the side! The rest of the weeks should be correct fingers crossed 🙂

      Posted 1.8.19 Reply