My 2019 Resolutions

New year, new me. JK. I used that as an Instagram caption in college, and guess what changed that year? Not much. This year, my resolutions are more about elevating work I have done in 2018 and building toward long-term success. Hope you enjoy reading about my 2019 resolutions!

Be smart about spending and budgeting.

When you own your own business, you have to worry about personal spending and business spending. I’m trying to stick to more of a budget with BOTH this year. I am pretty frugal, which I am proud of, but I really want to focus on cost per wear or cost per use when I am considering purchases. For example, when I am shopping for NYFW, where I only wear things once, I should spend less than when I am shopping for a new winter coat, which I will wear every day. This also goes for food and workouts. I used to have a Pure Barre membership, but the prices went up and the cost per class got too high for me to justify. After that, I looked into SoulCycle and other local cycle bars, but those too were just too high. I can’t pay $30 a class…. especially if I want to go regularly! Which is where the spin bike comes in. I made a one-time purchase and within 3 months of purchases, the cost per use is less than $5. I will be applying this same logic to business purchases to keep everything balanced on my spreadsheet.

Work out 5 days a week.

This is where the bike also comes in!! I got a new fitness guide offline (will be reviewing on YouTube soon) and the bike will be supplemental to this. That way, when I’m home, I can cycle, and when I travel, I can do the guide, and I guess combine the two when necessary (some days the workout is shorter!)

Log every day in my gratitude journal.

I downloaded this app called Gratitude and every day, it prompts you to write down what you were grateful for on that date. I think taking 3 minutes before bed to reflect and be thankful is a really small yet important routine, and I have been doing so for two weeks now. It is also something to read back over when I am feeling crummy – there is a literal list of all the great things in my life!

Travel once a month.

I have trips planned for January, February and March so far, (Austin, NYC and New Orleans, respectively) with more in the works. Whether it’s just going to the beach in Michigan that’s 2 hours away, going home to Saint Louis, or hopping on a plane, I want to be traveling once a month. I get so much inspiration for photos when I travel, so it’s great from a work perspective. Mainly, though, I just love exploring other places.

Schedule more me time.

Whether it’s meditation and prayer, watching the Bachelor, or just painting my nails – I am physically writing “me time” into my planner this year. With my schedule, things go from being super busy to super slow in the blink of an eye, so regardless if it’s a detox from stress or just something to get me out of the house, ME TIME is an official scheduled thing.

Implement more regular series on social media and my blog

I dabbled in these last year, but 2019 is the year they will shine! I already have Wellness Wednesday and Self Care Sunday on Instagram stories where we get real about self-care and taking care of ourselves (and reviewing face masks!). On the blog side, I have The Lazy Girl’s Guide, and I am looking to add a Travel Series (to be named). I also want to revamp From My Friend’s Closet, because that was super fun for me!

Produce more video content.

I have loved getting into the video space (having a friend who’s a videographer is helpful LOL) and I look to do more video content in this new year. Personally, I think video really is the key to more authentic engagement. I notice a huge spike in story views when I talk directly to the camera versus sharing snaps of places or things. This year, I want to continue building on the research I have done in regard to video and my analytics and try to work on more video partnerships.

What are your resolutions this year?

I'm Caitlin, a Midwest twenty-something turned blogger who shares outfits, inspo, good books and so much more. welcome to my corner of the internet!

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