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I can remember that going back to school was a very fun yet stressful time. Moving in, beginning new courses, sorority recruitment, PUDM work… it all added up to LOTS to do. Even now that I am a few years removed from college, this time of year is super busy. I am about to head off to NYFW which means lots of traveling and packing, I am pitching holiday campaigns and I am listing hundreds of items for sale from my closet. HELP!

All these “to-do” tasks and stress means your skin takes a hit. I am so excited to partner with Advanced Clinicals to talk about taking time to destress and care for our skin!

Some background about Advanced Clinicals – I first found out about this brand last summer at a conference I attended here in Chicago. At their booth, I was asked questions about my skin, and a representative recommended a specific mask for my oily/dry combination. I learned that their products were developed by chemists who wanted to create effective formulations using advanced technology. I personally was impressed to discover all Advanced Clinicals products retail for $30 and under, which means that you can get great quality at affordable prices.

BecauseAdvanced Clinicals gets the stress of back to school, they are giving my fabulous readers 20% off any products with code CAITLIN20! WOO HOO! Let’s dive into some of my favorite products to help fight stress-induced skin issues 🙂

Tumeric Oil

Going to be honest here – I was the most nervous to try this product because I once had sampled tumeric tea and accidentally spilled on myself. Everything was ORANGE. Luckily, I can assure you that this has all the benefits of tumeric but none of the orange 😉

If you are unfamiliar with turmeric – it is known to fight inflammation, so naturally it comes in handy with your skin! This oil uses tumeric extracts to give it anti-aging and blemish-reducing capabilities. I was having a hormonal breakout and this definitely helped reduce the redness of my blemishes and give my skin a more balanced look.

To use: take a few drops in your hands, rub them together and pat onto your face + neck 

Hemp Seed Oil Instant Hydration Cream

I know people complain about the winters in Chicago, but the summers can also wreak havoc on your skin! I am always on the lookout for new products to keep my skin hydrated, and the Hemp Seed Oil Cream WORKS.

Advanced Clinicals taught me that when your skin dries out, it is lacking in lipids. I never understood the science behind how our skin dries out, and hearing that the skin cells lose something that makes it dry and rough makes total sense. Hemp oil contains essential fatty acids that help revitalize your skin cells and keep your skin hydrated!

In addition to Hemp Seed Oil, other ingredients inclue Rosehip, Coconut and Evening Primrose Oils + Shea Butter to further help moisturize the skin and keep it soft.

To use: apply daily onto a clean face, neck and body (this does wonders for my dry elbows)

Aloe Vera Soothe + Recover Cream

When I think of Aloe Vera, I typically think of getting a sunburn and having to put aloe on my scorched skin – anyone else know the struggle?! Luckily, the same benefits that can help our skin when it’s burnt can also help it when it’s dry!

Similar to the Hemp Seed Oil Cream, the Aloe Vera Cream is rich in enzymes and amino acids, which we now know helps hydrate your skin. The Aloe Vera helps to soothe and soften dry, damaged skin.

It also contains Olive and Grapeseed Oils as well as Vitamins C and E to defend against environmental stress. Can I also say that this smells AMAZING??

To use: apply daily onto a clean face, neck and body

Power Quad Face Masks

The first Advanced Clinicals product I ever tried was the Charcoal mask, and I love that there is now a pack of four masks so you can try different types!

Inside this pack are the Charcoal, Vitamin C, Collagen and Hyaluronic Acid masks.

Since I have been using the Charcoal mask for over a year now, I am pretty familiar with it. It helps me deep clean my pores and reduce fine lines.

I had never tried a Collagen mask before, and I absolutely loved the way it made my skin feel. I know collagen is great for promoting youthful skin, so the idea of using a collagen mask was awesome to me!

The Vitamin C mask helps with sun damage and also helps promote youthful skin, so I plan on using this mask after I get home from long days in the sun.

Finally, the Hyaluronic Acid mask gives your facial skin extreme hydration. I felt like I had a complete facial after using this!

While I enjoyed all 4, my favorites were the Charcoal (duh!) and the Collagen solely because I have been meaning to incorporate collagen into my regimen, and this is such an easy way.

To use: Clean and dry your face. Apply an even layer onto the face, avoiding the mouth and eyes. Leave on for 10-15 minutes then rinse off



I know a LOT of y’all are going through stressful times as well – and Advanced Clinicals is coming in CLUTCH. Make sure you use code CAITLIN20 to receive 20% OFF your purchase from 🙂

Which of these would you want to try first?! Let me know below!

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