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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of ARC. All opinions are 100% mine.

Happy Thursday! I’m back from fashion week and slowly getting back into the swing of my normal routine. While I have so much more to share from NYFW, I wanted to talk a bit more about my partnership with ARC! My first post from New York had a great response 🙂

I’ve worked with ARC before and had such a positive experience with the brand and their whitening strips. I still use them to get ready for shoots or big events! I was super excited when they reached out to me about this new product and knew it would solve an issue that a lot of us face.

I think most of us think of teeth whitening products as things that we do at home over an extended period of time, whether it be a few days or even weeks. What about teeth stains that pop up while you’re not at home? Specifically, I think about red wine and coffee. I’ve been in multiple situations where I wished I could get rid of those stains right then and there!!

When you freelance, 90% of meetings are done “over coffee.” The last thing I want is to be insecure about my smile and worried about a coffee stain when I’m trying to sign a contract or get a new client.

As for red wine… I have a specific story in mind 😉 At my friend’s birthday party, everyone was at her apartment before we headed out to the bars. Some friends and I brought a bottle of red wine to split and sip on while we got ready. One of my friends proceeds to pull a straw out of her purse and plop it into her wine glass!!! She was so nervous about staining her teeth that she specifically packed a straw to use. We all were laughing but agreed that drinking red wine before going out is always a risk for that very reason.

Thankfully, for my fellow red wine and coffee drinkers, I now have an in-the-moment solution that you can throw into your purse (and leave the straw at home, LOL)

Meet the new ARC Whitening Pen. Discreet and sleek enough to bring with you on-the-go to touch up any stains, and it’s super easy to use.

To use, remove the cap, turn the bottom, and gel will dispense. There are arrows printed on the pen that you can align to help with this! Then, you just paint it on your teeth.

I brought my ARC teeth whitening pen along with me to NYFW which was such a game changer. My days were stacked with meetings, and yes, most of them were coffee meetings! I ran to the bathroom in between to touch up any stains from the previous cup before the next handshake and potential deal.

I will definitely be keeping this in my purse or work bag along with my other daily “essentials” – I carry a stain erasing pen for my clothes, and now I will carry one for my teeth, too 🙂

ARC’s Teeth Whitening Pen is available on ARCsmile.com… and for all my fellow Target lovers, it’s also available in stores and online at Target.com!

xoxo cait

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