July Favorites

How crazy is it that we are in AUGUST? The 8th month of the year is HERE. So much of 2018 is already in the past, and only the best parts are left πŸ˜‰ well, at least, in my opinion… here’s what I was loving in July!

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Some of the N Sale pieces featured colorblocking, a trend I hadn’t commonly seen outside of my family scrapbooks. Since then, I saw it pop up more and more online and at retailers. I have to say, I am a fan of colorblock items! I think it will be a big trend for fall.



I borrowed my friend Austen‘s fringe denim jacket when I was in New York, and it really got me on a fringe kick. I think fringe is so fun, and a natural evolution from our tassel obsession of the past few seasons. Still fun, still playful, just a little edgier!


Rainbow Bagels

Y’all – it’s as good as you think it is, evidenced by the fact that it got more engagement than any photo of my face in recent months. The cream cheese is almost more of an icing that’s funfetti flavored. Still so good!

Brooklyn Nine Nine

I know I am so late to this party but after my latest Office rewatch, I have moved onto Brooklyn Nine Nine. I LOVE IT. So freaking funny. I remember why I watched SNL religiously when Andy Samberg was on. I crack up during every episode! It’s streaming on HULU if you want to watch as well πŸ™‚


LaCroix Soda

I know, I know. LaCroix is good but SODA???? It definitely does not taste like a Diet Coke, but it still tastes like it, which is why I really got addicted. It’s exactly how you would expect a LaCroix version of soda to taste. It takes some time getting used to, but now I think any regular soda would make me feel sick with all the sweetness!


In My Feelings

There was no way this wasn’t making it in. I love the video. I love the song. I love Drake even though I am still kind of mad at him for having a kid and not telling us. I listened to it all July and now that the video is out *technically* in August, I have no reason to stop.


Happy August fam <3

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