5 Go-To Gifts For 99% of Your List

This time of year is crazy busy! Maybe you haven’t even thought of shopping for gifts yet, or you could just be so utterly confused on what to buy. Either way – here are my 5 go-to gifts!

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Thread & Supply Pullover

I have had my pullover for over a year and I love it. Every time I wear it on stories, I get responses asking for the link! It comes in a few colors that make it great for everyday wear AND it’s on sale for under $50!!! It’s cozy, on trend because fuzzy pullovers are the hottest thing rn, and it’s not awkward to guess someone’s size in this! Have you ever found an item of clothing for someone on your list, only to struggle with what size to buy? I think she’s around my size? M? Well, she’s busty, and this looks skin-tight, but will she be offended if I buy the L? But she’s shorter than me…. S?  Luckily, with pullovers, things are pretty easy to guesstimate. I ordered a size M for a roomier fit, but the sizing on Nordstrom’s website suggests to size down. I will say, going up a size does NOT make it longer, it simply gives you more room to layer. I would air on the side of caution and give them more room than too little and either order TTS or one size up, ESPECIALLY if that girl is busty!!

Voluspa Boxed Candle

Don’t know what to buy for your boyfriend’s mom, your sorority advisor, your boss, or any woman who’s on your list but you don’t know that well? These are my “candle” people. Everyone likes candles. They’re pretty, they smell good, and it’s just a nice touch to have a candle burning at home. I especially like Voluspa candles because they smell AMAZE (personal fave is the French Lavender) and the candles themselves are stunning with glass details. Right now, they have limited-edition boxed candles that are under $25 but look SO MUCH MORE expensive. I think these babies will do the trick for any WTF do I get her? or Oh crap, I forgot to get her a gift you encounter as you shop.

A Bottle of Wine + Cute Wine Glasses

The best part about this gift is that on a really rough day, when the recipient gets home and pours themself a glass of vino, they will be THANKING you for this with every bone in their body. You just need to know a general idea of what wines the person likes (white, red, rose, bubbly?) and you’re all set. I like to throw in some cute and festive wine glasses along with the bottle depending on how cheap the wine is and I love these fun Christmas ones that play on classic holiday songs. Who wouldn’t be happy drinking out of them?! 

Initial Necklace

I LOVE this necklace as a gift idea, because you can just buy the letter of the person’s first name, and you are GOLDEN. You don’t have to know their favorite color, or favorite scented candle, or favorite bottle of wine… just their name. That is the beauty of this necklace. That, and the fact that it’s one of the most popular sellers from Anthro right now. If you’re lucky, you will find a 30% off coupon on the website, making this adorable initial necklace around $26. You may have to get one for yourself!!

Joanna Gaines’ Magnolia Table

The Gaines family is America’s favorite interior obsession – look at how shiplap has blown up! Capitalize on the fact that there is a 99% chance that your recipient LOVES Joanna Gaines and would like to read her new book. To be honest, if someone doesn’t like Joanna Gaines, send them to me and I will convince them otherwise. Chip, he’s a bit questionable, but Joanna? LOVE HER. I have heard great things about this book, and it’s also easily returnable or regifted if the person you’re giving it to is a part of the 1%. 

I hope this has given you hope that you CAN and WILL accomplish your holiday gift shopping!!

I'm Caitlin, a Chicago twenty-something turned blogger who shares outfits, inspo, good deals and so much more. welcome to my corner of the internet!

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