Spring Hair Accessories

With Valentine’s Day behind us, we’re gearing up for SPRING! Yes, there is snow on the ground in Chicago, but spring truly is on its way. You can bring in fun prints and colors with hair accessories while still wearing practical (read: warm) clothes 😉

I have been on a hair accessory kick for a while now and I forecast these items being HUGE this spring season. Here are some of my favorites broken down by category with examples on how I style them.

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The classic hair accessory, repopularized by Blair Waldorf. I do love a good headband, and the new fabric ones are far more comfortable, but the classic formed ones are my go tos. I like the new embellished ones I have seen coming out!


I’ve started wearing bandanas AS headbands to help with comfort and to get the colors and patterns I want into my outfits! Madewell makes skinny bandanas that are the perfect size for this, but I do generally just roll my bandanas up and then tie them at the base of my neck. I also occasionally wrap them around buns!

Hair Clips

90s trend turned runway sensation, hair clips/barrettes/bobby pins are BACK. I do have to say that this is the trend I wear the least but I am trying to go outside my comfort zone this spring. My friend Austen wore a ton during FW that were cute and not crazy edgy, which made me think, hey, I could do this!


This is where my love affair with hair accessories began. I was on Free People‘s website and saw a 3/$12 deal. I had not worn a scrunchie, let a lone a scrunchie with a bow on it, since grade school, but they looked so cute, and they were cheap… The rest is history. FP often gives these 3/$12 deals on a lot of their inventory, so take advantage of that!

Ponytail Scarves

The big sister of the scrunchie is the ponytail scarf. These still have a hair tie on them, which separates them from bandanas above. However, these are far larger than scrunchies and whatever ties they may have. I think these work best when your outfit is more simple, as they are more in your face than the average scrunchie!

Which hair accessory style do you think you’ll incorporate into your style this spring? Shop all my favorites below!

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