Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Dupes

If you know anything about the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, you know that items sell out FAST. Sometimes, they’re restocked, but often times you’re stuck waiting until after the sale when the prices soar.

I decided to take some of the new items that dropped at the Nordstrom Sale and find dupes for them. A “dupe” is an item that is similar but typically lesser cost to another item. I hope you enjoy this post!

Topshop Cable Knit Sweater

This Topshop sweater is so cute! When I tried it on, I loved that it had a mix of cable knit and regular knit, making it really unique. It was also a good staple, as a white sweater can last you nearly all year long.

This ASOS sweater also combines both knits, albeit in a more symmetrical way, but for $45 it’s a great option if your size is out of stock in Topshop’s version.

Original: $68 ($44 during sale)

Dupe: $45

Madewell Stripe Cardigan

One of the first items to sell out, this Madewell cardigan was a perfect transition piece from summer to fall.

This Amazon cardigan offers similar sized stripes in a variety of different colors. I think this khaki, white and gray cardi is perhaps the closest match to the Madewell version, but maybe another color pairing better suits your wardrobe!

Original: $80 ($64 during sale)

Dupe: $18

Something Navy Leopard Pullover

Leopard is going to be big this fall, based upon how quickly the leopard pieces sold out from the Nordstrom Sale. This Something Navy pullover was one of the few white leopard prints, which I liked.

This Boohoo dupe is on sale for $16 right now (YES ONLY $16) and looks pretty darn close to the original. I’m sure it will be more lightweight and a little less soft, but at that price, I’m okay with it.

Original: $79 ($50 during sale)

Dupe: $16

BP. Button Top

One of the closest dupes I found is for the BP. button top. I wasn’t a huge fan of the Nordstrom original as it was gaping, even when I sized up to a medium, and was far more cropped than the images online made it seem.

The American Eagle version has the same heathered gray fabric but boasts a longer hemline and a seemingly roomier fit, and I’m all for it!

Original: $39 ($26 during sale)

Dupe: $29

BP. Leopard Cardigan

This leopard cardigan was one of your favorites! Sadly, it’s sold out now.

Buuuuuuut look what I found. Guess where this dupe is from. KOHL’S!

I think it’s a great option, and honestly looks similar to the leopard Gibson cardigan that’s also in the Nordstrom Sale.

Original: $60 ($46 during sale)

Dupe: $25

BP. Pocket Cardigan

This cardigan is a great everyday staple, but some sizes in certain colors are low in stock. If you want an equally good quality basic, look no further than this American Eagle dupe!

Both come in multiple colors.

To be honest, I kind of prefer the AE cardi’s stitching and pockets to the Nordstrom original. What about you?

Original: $49 ($32 during sale)

Dupe: $54 (half off coupon code on site)

Something Navy Leopard Button Cardigan

This cardigan sold out FAST. Luckily, the Boohoo dupe version is pretty darn close.

Though it’s a bit shorter than the Nordstrom original, the dupe comes in a white and light brown leopard OR a black and white leopard, which I think is great. Regardless of color, I’m shocked there’s already another leopard cardi out there with buttons, honestly!

Original: $75 ($55 during sale)

Dupe: $12

BP. Traveling Stitch Sweater

This BP. sweater was one of the items I purchased from the Nordstrom Sale, but I know many people were thrown off by the bright purple and green color options.

If you like the unique stitching of the sweater but want a more neutral color for fall and winter, here you go!

This ASOS sweater is nearly identical with some extra loop stitches, but it’s white!

Original: $55 ($35 during sale)

Dupe: $48

Spanx Faux Leather Leggings

I love my Spanx leggings. They’re normally $98 but marked down to $64 during the Nordstrom Sale. If you are in the market for them, GRAB THEM while you can. I have had mine for 2 years now and they still are amazing!

However, I did find an option from Express if you’re looking to save a little $ or don’t want the leggings as tight and “sucky iny” as the Spanx!

Original: $98 ($65 during sale)

Dupe: $49

Thread & Supply Wubby Pullover

This pullover is amazing. I got it in this wine color after getting the gray 2 years ago. To me, the quality justifies the price, especially the sale price, when you figure cost per wear.


I found a verrrrrrryyyyyy similar version on sale for $15 (YES, $15) that I wanted you to see. Sure, there isn’t a front pocket, and it’s a slightly different zipper, but it’s pretty darn cute.

Original: $79 ($49 during sale)

Dupe: $15

Adidas Sneakers

These sneakers are reaaaal cute, not gonna lie.

Did you know there’s a nearly identical pair on sale, also from Adidas?

Sure, the logo may not be as prominent and there aren’t the gold accents, but it’s got the heathered gray fabric, black laces and similar design.

Original: $85 ($63 during sale)

Dupe: $54

Vince Camuto Booties

These booties were the talk of the town. They weren’t my favorite on, probably because they made my size 9 feet look like size 12s, but everyone with smaller sizes LOVED them. The unique cut out, the wood heel, the suede neutral… I can see why they did.

I’d like to think this pair by Steve Madden comes pretty close. The toe is also a bit more curved for people like me conscious of how certain shoes make their big feet appear!

Original: $149 ($99 during sale)

Dupe: $64

Steve Madden Loafers

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw these dupes. Was it possible that a non-studded version of the exact same shoe exists?

Yep. And it’s also made by Steve Madden.

If you’re into the studs, wait for restock, but if you just want a nice quality loafer in snakeskin or a solid, buy the dupes. I am planning on it!

Original: $90 ($60 during sale)

Dupe: $69

Steve Madden Booties

These Steve Madden booties are oh-so chic, coming in black leather, snakeskin and suede.

I think the black leather is my favorite!

Funny enough, Steve Madden’s Madden Girl brand makes an eerily similar option, which ALSO comes in snakeskin if that’s your cup of tea, but at a fraction of the price.

Original: $130 ($86 during sale)

Dupe: $55

Halogen Leopard Sneaker

Leopard + Platform = Really Popular Sneaker

These Halogen ones are going to be really big this fall, I have a feeling.

You can save some $$ and get these Steve Madden ones instead. Not really sure why they’re cheaper and at DSW (maybe from last fall?) but they’re nearly identical, down to the height of the platform sole.

Original: $110 ($70 during sale)

Dupe: $50

Madewell Calf Hair Mule

The Madewell mule quickly sold out. I loved the fun dot pattern and it was comfy on!

Luckily, my friends at Target have a similar option.

I honestly prefer the shape of Target’s mule more, but it still has a dot pattern quite close to Madewell’s.

Naturally, the Target mules are not made with calf hair, but the price reflects that!

Original: $90 ($55 during sale)

Dupe: $25

If you have any requests for more dupes, let me know in the comments below and I can update this post! Scroll down for a collection of the dupes I’ve found so far 🙂

nordstrom sale dupes

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