The Best Beauty Fridges

Beauty fridges are the new *it* beauty item. You’ve probably seen them on Instagram or styled on Pinterest with skin creams that cost hundreds. I initially passed this off as a trend that served no function. Why waste $50, $70, $100 on a fridge for your skincare? Oh, how wrong I was. Yes, it’s not a necessity by any means, but I am fully on board with the beauty fridge trend after trying it out for myself. Today, I hope to give you more info on beauty fridges and share with you the best beauty fridges out there should you choose to join me in the beauty fridge world.

I don’t know who first thought of placing a miniature fridge on a bathroom vanity and filling it with skincare products, but I am grateful to him or her. Probably a her, though. I don’t think men care enough about bathroom aesthetics to even put a candle in their bathroom unless a woman suggests the idea.

The premise is to store your skincare products at a cool temperature inside the beauty fridge, which will not only extend the life of the products and reduce bacteria, but also help to decrease puffiness in your skin.

I had kept my rose quartz roller (another beauty product I saw on Instagram, initially decided I didn’t need, yet tried, am now obsessed) in my kitchen fridge for a while, as the cold stone makes a huge difference for making my skin look less puffy. It is especially crucial for my under eyes! However, I had never thought about putting moisturizer, serums, face masks, etc. in the fridge. That would A: make it kind of hard to get ready or get ready for bed because of the distance between my fridge and my bathroom, B: take up more space than I was willing to give in my Euro-sized fridge, and C: potentially make my skincare smell like whatever meals I was cooking that week.

I was willing to give the beauty fridge a shot.

I began researching, looking at the prices, reviews, storage capacity, etc. of different beauty fridges available. I also stalked a few IG beauty gurus who I knew owned a beauty fridge to see what brand they had selected.

Below are the best beauty fridges I found, with pros and cons to each, and ultimately, the one I selected. Each image is clickable and will direct you to the beauty fridge on the retailer’s website should you want to see more images, other color options, etc.

The first result I got was the Caynel Counter Mini Fridge. It comes in teal, red and white. I liked that it has a retro fridge look and had an extra shelf in the door for sheet masks, even though it wasn’t “formally” called a beauty fridge. The size was 4L which was a good size for my current skincare products, but I was a bit scared away by two reviews that said Wayfair, this fridge’s retailer, had issues with shipping and even sent a returned defective product.

The Teami Mini Skin Care Fridge appealed to me because of its extra interior shelf (most beauty fridges only have one, but it has two) and its marble door. It also had the door shelf for masks. The 10L of space was also great. The thing that ultimately kept me from getting this was its price. I was hoping to stay on the lower side of the price range because this is already such an extravagant item. I could not justify $120 on something that just keeps my skincare cold and is not a necessity.

The Cooluli Classic Mini Fridge seems like a super customizable fridge. It has two shelves, but you can remove one to allow taller skincare products to fit. I love that it came in both pastel pink and purple. An all-around good option. Again, I just could not justify spending $90, though it’s more affordable than many other beauty fridges.

The Cooluli Mini Beauty Fridge is the little sister of the fridge directly above it. It’s only 4L to big sis’s 10L, and only has one interior shelf. The price is also smaller, coming in at $59, or $30 cheaper. It comes in multiple bold colors and even a cow print! The reviews are numerous and nearly all positive. Sadly, its popularity means that at the time of publishing, some colors are backordered until June 2020, which is the only negative thing I can say about this beauty fridge.

The Koolatron Mirrored Mini Fridge is unique in many ways. It’s the only reliable fridge I’ve found that has a LED makeup mirror on its door. It also comes in 6L, an in-between option for those who think 4L is too small and 10L is too big. It has a shelf on the door and an interior shelf that is placed at exactly halfway, giving you the same height for products in both halves, which is extremely uncommon. If you have shorter products, this could be a pro, but for me, who has a few taller products that would likely not fit underneath the shelf, it’s a con.

The UberChill Mini Beauty Fridge is definitely a cool beauty fridge. You’re basically paying for the cool factor. It’s carried at Urban Outfitters. It’s the ‘Blacked Out’ edition. It has an interior blue LED light. It’s 4L in size and does not have a door shelf like many of our other beauty fridges, yet it’s priced at $80. If this matches your *aesthetic* then it seems like a good pick, but I can’t justify $80 on something that has less functionality than cheaper options.

The Beauty Spy Mini Beauty Fridge is so darn cute. It’s bright blue with retro details. I think the little window inside is a nice touch, and it comes with a pack of stickers that you could use to customize the fridge a bit. It has 4L of storage capacity and has good reviews. I decided against this one because it seemingly doesn’t have a shelf on the door (based on the photos on the UO website, anyways) and it isn’t shipping out until April.

The Flawless Beauty Fridge was ultimately the beauty fridge that came home with me. It has 4L of storage, a shelf on the door, rose gold retro details, and the big deciding factor: it was in-store at Bed Bath & Beyond PLUS I had a 20% off coupon. I am pretty self-aware, and I know myself to be at times impatient. The fact that I could drive to a store and buy it that same day was appealing to me, as was the ability to test it in-store before purchasing. I would have to press my luck with other online-only beauty fridges. I especially wanted to see this fridge in action because based on the online review, I wouldn’t have ordered it. It has one 3/5 stars review and says it “barely gets cold.” Luckily, I was able to see in-store that it does get cold, and take 20% off of the price, making it $47 and the cheapest option of all these beauty fridges.

I’ll be sure to do another post explaining what I keep in my beauty fridge and update you with further thoughts on the model I selected, but for now, happy beauty fridge shopping 🙂

xoxo cait

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