Messy Bun Tutorial

Happy Monday!

I get a lot of questions about how I style my hair in the heat! Braids and buns are great for a bad hair day or when the weather just isn’t cooperating. Recently, I’ve been throwing my hair up nearly every day to avoid the humidity. Fall, where ya at?!

I’m definitely going to start pushing easy hairstyles for back to school and before work in the morning, you asked for it in the reader survey!

SOOOO what better way to start than the ultimate lazy hairstyle! Today, I am sharing how I make my buns in this messy bun tutorial!

All you need: A hair tie, some bobby pins, a brush, a small hair clip and optional dry shampoo.

My secret is adding a hair clip in to maximize volume and to help form the round base of your bun.

See how I do it all in under 2 minutes below!

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Really love your blog. This is sweet too πŸ™‚


Love it! I used to wear my hair in a messy bun every single day until I cut it all off!

Elizabeth Ashley Ramsey

Needed this! I so often wear my hair up because it is baby fine and not very wind/weather tolerant. Love the messy bun look and shouldn’t be too tough to switch up from my typical high pony!

Elizabeth |

Life Of A Med School Wife Blog- Courtney

Great tutorial! I have always thought the messy bun is such a cute hairstyle, but mine doesn’t look cute when i’ve tried it. I will try it again now that I have watched your video. This makes it look a lot easier than what I was doing.


Love your tutorial! Thanks for posting this!

Jordyn Galan

so funny how difficult it can be to make a “messy” bun! You nailed it girl! Love your posts!


I love your tutorial! Messy buns are my favorite.

cute & little


I love a messy bun, it is so quick and easy. I will be trying you trick of using the hair clip

Erica @ Coming up Roses

A messy bun is my go-to! Lovelovelove yours! It’s so cute and easy to do.


Messy buns are always a good idea. Though sometimes I feel like my good messy buns only happen when I’m NOT trying to make them look good haha!


LOVE this! I’m a messy bun all day every day kind of girl. It’s so easy and can definitely be done in a cute way. πŸ™‚

Life of a Sister

A messy bun is my go to 5 out of the 7 days a week…yours looks amazing!

Shani | Sunshine & Munchkins

Messy buns are my BFF. I just don’t have the time for anything else right now with my busy kids and everything we have going on.

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