My Favorite Liquid Eyeshadows

One of my favorite beauty trends so far this year is liquid eyeshadows! At first, I was a bit apprehensive… how easy is it to apply? How does it dry? Most importantly, how long does it last? Over the past few months, I have absolutely fallen in love with liquid eyeshadow.

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First off, it is SO EASY. I went to Nashville over the weekend and packed no eyeshadow palettes whatsoever. Not only did this really free up room in my suitcase, it meant my beauty routine was cut down by a solid 7-10 minutes. You literally apply it to your eyelid and rub it in. It’s over within 30 seconds. It really is THAT easy!

I also love how long it lasts compared to powder shadow. Powder shadow typically fades throughout the day, but since this stuff dries on, it lasts way longer!!

I have tried out some different brands’ liquid eyeshadows and have identified three favorites.


I was really excited when Glossier came out with liquid eyeshadow because I knew it would be done right. I like how every shade is not too wild, and every shade also looks good on every skin tone. I think I like Cub the best of the Glossier shades!


The cool thing about these – they can double as eyeshadow primer! I still use them primarily as actual shadow, though. All of these shades are neutral, which is great for everyday wear. I think the line was designed so that every skin tone could have the right nude shade of eyeshadow primer, but I also love wearing both lighter and darker tones to use it as more visible eyeshadow. I wear Turned Up the most!


This was actually the first liquid eyeshadow I was introduced to last spring! Back then, it scared me, but I had a makeup artist apply it and loved it. I just didn’t think I could do it myself! However, I actually love it and I especially like the applicator. These are more glittery and shimmery than the others, which makes this a more fun summer or night out option. I like Wanderlust the best!


Have you tried liquid eyeshadow yet?


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