March Monthly Must-Haves

March seems to have flown by! It’s crazy to me to think that this year is already nearly a quarter over. I feel like it was just December, and now I am looking outside and seeing blossoms on the tree outside my window. Here are some must-haves I found or tried this month that I think you’d love!

Ilia Skin Tint with SPF 35

People have told me the Ilia Skin Tint was their absolute favorite beauty product for a while, and I was hesitant to believe that. Every single skin tint or tinted moisturizer I’ve tried has had some major issues with texture or coverage. After all the other contenders on my list for summer 2022 tinted SPF were sold out in my shade, I took it as a sign to *finally* try this out. I am a believer! It is lightweight, blends flawlessly into my skin, and truly doesn’t feel like I am wearing anything. I especially love how my skin looks like MY skin, just with a little beauty filter action! Knowing your undertone will be key to shade matching if you’re online shopping, or stop into a Sephora or Credo near you to see shades IRL.

Hearth and Hand Cookbook Holder

My Pinterest has been full of modern French country kitchens, and when I saw this cookbook stand at Target, I knew I had to have it! It’s adjustable in height, quite sturdy, and super cute. I am trying to add color and texture into my all-white kitchen, and this does just the trick while taking up vertical space in my counter styling.

Your Self-Discovery Journal

I am a huge advocate for journaling, as I’m sure you all know by now. With lots of changes coming for Bailuna, this one has been great for creating business goals in line with what I genuinely am passionate about and what will fulfill me as opposed to simply following numbers. It makes for a nice and honest conversation with yourself!

Lululemon Everywhere Belt Bag

I’ve had the black once since lockdown of 2020, and I finally got a second one! It’s light gray and beautiful. I love how everything I need easily fits inside for walks, hikes, travel, errands and more. Check out the spring colors here.

Smoked Glass Bar Cart

This month, I finally got a new bar cart for my apartment! It’s $150 with lovely smoked glass tiers that match my coffee table perfectly. It’s great quality for the price, and you can save 10% by buying online and picking up curbside! I look forward to styling this on social and the blog soon 🙂

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