Nordstrom Sale 2023

It’s no secret that the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale went downhill over the past years. The only items I purchased during sales since 2020 were Diptyque and Boy Smells candles, along with an adorable sage Beis roller last year. I am pleasantly surprised to share that the 2023 Nordstrom Sale is moving back toward the splendor of the #NSale in its prime. Brands and products that I love and use weekly are included, with pretty good pricing and offerings! Do I think that you need to buy the crazy amount that people online will claim you need? Of course not. However, if you’re looking for suggestions, here are my Nordstrom Sale 2023 picks. I will note if I own something!

My Top 10

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Beis Carry On Roller

I got last year’s version of this carry on roller – it’s the exact same as this adorable slate blue one, but mine is sage! I didn’t really know if Beis suitcases lived up to the hype (I have the Mini Weekender, which definitely does) but I can confirm I love my baby carry on. The interior pockets, the dust bags, and perhaps the best feature: the weight indicator on the handle! If you lift it by the handle and red appears, it’s over 50 lbs. AMAZING technology. Super cute. Easy to clean with a Mr. Clean magic eraser!

ALO Tennis Skirt

Last summer, I bought this tennis skirt in teal and black! Full price, unfortunately haha. I take a size S but could have also done a M. It’s by far my favorite tennis skirt, as someone who needs waist definition for things to be flattering. I also love that the skirt is flowy! I love throwing on crewnecks with this, as well as athletic tanks and camis. It’s great for everyday casual wear and you can dress it up to be coastal preppy if you want. I am considering buying this in white since I get so much wear out of the other colors, but do I really need 3 of the same item? Time will tell haha.

Dyson AirWrap

Color me shocked to see the Dyson AirWrap included in the Nordstrom Sale. It never goes on sale, and it keeps going up in price! It’s in an exclusive colorway, which I guess comes down to personal preference. I got my AirWrap in December 2020 back when it was only $500 compared to the current $660 sticker. However, when I consider cost per use, this thing is worth every freaking penny. I am obsessed. I use it 2x a week and it gives me supermodel hair (though I do admit there is a learning curve). As a part of the sale, this bundle is $600. I understand that $60 savings may not be a lot, but with the ever-increasing demand and price tag, if you’re in the market this may be the time to get it.

Dyson Blow Dryer

Another Dyson product that’s beloved in the same colorway as the AirWrap! I do not personally own the Dyson Blow Dryer, but I have many friends who do, so I have used it before. It’s creepishly fast at drying hair and does give you the salon blow out feel. It comes with a ton of tools like the flyaway blower and the diffuser, which is a game changer for wavy and curly haired girlies. Again, not for everyone, but a potential savings opportunity for those who already want to get it!

Birkenstock Big Buckle Arizona

I am sure you know by now that I am a Birkenstock girl. I am pleasantly surprised to see a pair of Birkenstocks in the Nordstrom Sale, especially with one of their famous big buckle sandals! I typically go for the soft footbed leather Arizonas, but I do have friends with this fashion-forward style. Birkenstock molds to your unique foot and gives you a ton of footbed support, and they do European sizing. If you’re unsure of sizing, size up. I am a 9/9.5 and I typically wear a size 40 in these, but I accidentally ordered the clog style in size 41 and those fit fine!

NuFace Mini Kit

My NuFace Mini is one of my favorite beauty purchases of all time! If you are unfamiliar, an oversimplified explanation is that it’s an electronic tool that stimulates your skin and tightens it. It really does work and I notice a difference if I miss a few days. I have also heard it’s preventative for aging as it helps the skin maintain elasticity. I can’t really speak to that as I have only had the product for 1.5 years and my skin hasn’t changed a lot in that time, plus I am still young haha. However, the idea of something I do to keep my face de-puffed and snatched also helping to save me money and avoid Botox and all the anti-aging things marketed to us at such a young age is kind of nice.

UGG Slippers

I have not tried this specific style of UGG slipper, but as a homebody who constantly needs a good pair of slippers on her feet, I can confirm UGG are the best out there for cuteness and comfort! I love the bigger sole on these as well as all the color options. In my eyes, cozy slippers are a necessity especially going into fall and winter. Definitely think these are a good buy!

Diptyque Candle Set

Continuing the cozy vibes with this amazing Diptyque candle set! My favorite candle company, not only for the cute aesthetic labels but the burn time and amazing scents. Anytime these are in a sale or in a bundle, I jump at it because they normally are a splurge item for me. Not that this price point for candles *isn’t* but at least you’re getting a good deal when compared to full price. I always have a candle burning, it’s something that just adds warmth and hygge to your space! Another one of those things where if you’re in the market, it’s worth buying in the sale.

Barefoot Dreams Dog Sweater

Every year, Barefoot Dreams releases a cozy dog sweater during the Nordstrom Sale. This year’s checkered print is unique and cute. All of my dogs have loved wearing these, just as I love anything Barefoot Dreams because everything is so soft and cozy. Mabel especially gets mad when we take it off of her! If your dog also loves cuddling in blankets and wearing sweaters, this will prove a great purchase, especially on cold mornings and evenings on walks. They do run a little small, as Sadie was around 30 pounds and needed a L. Mabel naturally wears a S, haha.

Marc Fisher Booties

Chunky booties are in, and I love this pair of Marc Fisher booties included in the sale! They come in lots of colors and in my experience, Marc Fisher always lasts forever. Very Daisy Jones vibey to me! I am considering getting in white but I think these would be a wardrobe staple for many years to come.

The rest of my curated picks are below! Happy N Sale to all. Hopefully the trend of good brands and good savings continues! Dates for shopping are as follows:




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