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Chicago Fall Activities

I have been getting lots of requests for more Chicago content – I hear ya loud and clear! What better way to kick it off with Chicago fall activities?! Whether you’re a local or just visiting, here are some of my favorite ways to spend fall here in Chi.

Solo Travel Tips

I ended up traveling on my own while in Europe, which was not something I had planned on doing. After successfully making it home in one piece, here are some observations and tips for anyone looking to solo travel!

6 Hour Difference

There is a 6-hour difference between London and Chicago. 360 minutes are spread out over nearly 4,000 miles. These six hours separate me from my friends, my family, my business contacts… my entire life.

My Favorite Travel Shoes

When you travel, reliable shoes are a MUST. You don’t want blisters or sore feet, and you sure don’t want any shoes breaking! Over the years, I have found some shoes that are cute, comfy and worth the money.

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Summertime Chi Guide

Chicago is notorious for its cold, long winters full of snow and ice. The little-known secret is that in summer, this place EXPLODES! I like to think it’s because we get so few warm days that we know we have to live each one like it’s the last before the…

The Best Carry-On Bags

Recently, I was searching for a perfect carry-on option for my laptop and other tech items. When I asked you for ideas on Instagram, you DELIVERED. I was given so many cool bags, backpacks and suitcases to investigate, and so many of you shared your personal love stories for your…

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