tried & true travel tips

Traveling isn’t always fun. Unfortunately, it is normally full of lines, delays and stress. Paige and I travel a lot and are used to the craziness that airports can throw at you, so we decided to make an all-inclusive, end all and be all travel tip list for y’all to hopefully…

christmas party perfection

3 more sleeps till I am home for Christmas!!! I am getting so excited that my favorite day of the year is growing closer. Of course, that means I have to decide what to wear. My family has a lot of different parties to attend, and some are more formal…

chicago twenty-something mixing my southern roots and city sophisticaition into a kickass wardrobe. never met a queso i didn't like. welcome to my corner of the internet!

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holly and jolly

In one week, I will be home for my Christmas vacation! I cannot WAIT! My entire family hasn’t been together since my grandpa’s 80th birthday party in May and I am super pumped to see everyone. I also lovelovelove Christmas food. It beats Thanksgiving food any day for me. I…

quick, cheap and easy holiday gifts

I love this time of year, but I don’t love the outrageous amount of money I normally spend on gifting for people in my life. Whether you’re in school, fresh out of college like I am, saving up for a big purchase down the road, or just trying to limit…

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crop topshop sweater weather

When it is cold outside, warmth is key. However, I have been getting quite tired of looking like the shape of a potato in my chunky sweaters. Yes, they’re functional, but they sure ain’t fashionable. Enter Topshop in all its glory with this beaut of a crop top sweater.

winter is coming

Happy December!!! It is officially the best time of the year and I am so excited for everything this month has going on: parties, friends, family, and SNOW anyone?! It is currently snowing in Chicago and I am IN HEAVEN. Winter is for sure coming and if Game of Thrones…

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