Cutest Fall Mugs

Hello again from London! It is currently a cool 60 degrees outside and we have the window open in my friend’s apartment – it feels like crisp, cool air… just like FALL.

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Fall is my favorite time of year, I have decided, because it kicks off all the times where I’m with good people, good food and good wine. I love Saturday tailgates, Halloween parties, Thanksgiving with my family, etc. I also just love walking down the street and feeling a cool breeze, crunching leaves under you. PSLs (or the Pumpkin Chai) are also fantastic when you can drink them without sweating 😉 I think the real reason I love fall is because it will ultimately lead to Christmas, haha!

Since I am going to be abroad for a while, I feel I may miss the beginning of fall in Chicago. I also am not about to decorate my friend’s apartment for the upcoming holidays like I would my own! I was thinking… what is an easy way to let me experience my favorite season here in London?

I was rereading my blog post about easy fall decorating and I gave MYSELF the idea to get a new fall mug. This way, when I make coffee (or tea! lol) in the morning here in London, I can bring some of that normal USA fall feeling with me.

I linked the mugs I considered purchasing below – I think these are really cute and relatively inexpensive, especially the bundle packs!


Just an FYI: The NYFW recap post should be live either Friday or Monday. I am shooting to have the vlog live alongside it. LFW content should be up next week. Trying to get things out to you in a timely manner yet make sure the quality is there, too. I am pretty busy being abroad, but I want to make time to focus on these posts in the next few days. I love being able to help you incorporate runway trends into your own closets, and even though I have photos + notes from shows I attended, I like sitting down, laying everything out, and picking out specific elements I think you would enjoy, or would help you elevate your everyday looks. I appreciate your patience 🙂


What are your favorite things about fall? Let me know below!

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