March 2019 Favorites

We’re bringing back my monthly favorites post!

When I was talking on IG stories last week about how I track analytics for my blog posts, I was shocked to hear that many of you are interested in the back end of this whole thing!

I’ll be sharing your 3 favorite blog posts of the past month.

Favorite Posts

1: Spring Shoes Roundup

I shared a roundup of my favorite spring shoes – sandals, wedges, heels, sneakers and more!

2: The Line Between Authenticity & Oversharing

This was a more personal post, spilling my thoughts on how bloggers are viewed depending upon what and how they share with their audience.

3: New & Improved

I walked through my blog redesign and some of my new favorite features!!

In addition to tracking which blog posts performed well, I take a look each month at my best selling products to help me better understand what you’re looking to buy.

Some days, I hit the nail right on the head! You love a dress I shared and many of you buy it. Some days, I think you’ll like something, but it’s not a big hit. Why did ABC perform well when XYZ didn’t? Which retailers are the most popular? What price ranges work best? These are just some of the questions I try to answer each month by looking at my product analytics.

After chatting with a few of you more, I’ve decided to start sharing my best selling products from the previous month! Maybe you’ll even see something that catches your eye that you missed the first time I shared it 😉

Favorite Items

Favorite Things


I kicked off my Faster Way to Fat Loss journey in March! I am in the middle of the program right now, and I will be sharing a complete review and more info once I am fully done. Spoiler alert: I LOVE IT. I’ve never really had a relationship with food where I feel like I can eat whatever I want and be healthy… This program has helped me learn that by eating certain things on certain days, I can pretty much remove all limits from food. It’s awesome, and I can’t wait to tell you more about it.

March Madness

My Boilers made it to the Elite 8 but lost in an overtime thriller to UVA! I’m glad it’s over and done with so I can now focus on the Cardinals 🙂

New Orleans Trip

I spent a week in New Orleans with my mom and my aunt! I grew up traveling to NOLA at least once a year, and it was nice to start that back up the past few years as a family. I will be doing a complete NOLA travel guide soon!

Hope you’re as excited about the revamp of my monthly favorites as I am 🙂

I'm Caitlin, a Chicago twenty-something turned blogger who shares outfits, inspo, good deals and so much more. welcome to my corner of the internet!

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