My Olaplex Hair Routine

I’m so excited to be sharing my Olaplex hair routine with you today! In full transparency, after I shared this was going live today on stories, I got a DM asking if this is sponsored. While it’s 100% not, I’m just obsessed, I would be more than happy to entertain a collaboration offer from them if they were to see this 😉

I’ve always had wavy hair, though my over-straightening and curling in high school and college did a number on it! During the beginning of the pandemic, I spent far less time styling my hair with heat, and started to notice the waves becoming larger and less frizzy. After getting a haircut last June and ridding myself of the damaged ends, I decided to start researching how to best nurture my natural hair and take care of it.

Something that I kept coming back to was that as important as having a good “curly hair routine” is, it wouldn’t do anything if my hair wasn’t healthy or strong enough to fully curl. I decided to take a “ground up” approach, focusing first on repairing and strengthening my hair as much as possible to get the curls back in full force, and then spend time finding the right products to deal with the curls.

Enter OLAPLEX! I’d gotten Olaplex treatments at the salon before when I was getting colored, but I had never tried their at-home products. A few of my friends recommended I start with these to “rebuild” my hair, as they had all had success with them, all with different hair types! It seemed promising, because I’ll take someone’s personal rec over scouring the internet for ideas, so I bought two products on my own, then asked for the final two for Christmas.

In January, I did a 30 day no-heat challenge where I was not allowed to apply any heat to my hair and I used the Olaplex products daily (or whenever I showered, depending on their purpose). I’ll be posting a separate blog post giving a more detailed look at the before and after of my hair and curl pattern, but today I’ll be running you through my Olaplex product routine and how I feel they best work for me!

Olaplex products repair your hair strands that are broken or separated and helping to bond them back together. At first, I was a bit hesitant about that claim, but I truly see a difference in the health of my hair, even now after adding heat back onto my hair and continuing this Olaplex routine. There is more moisture, more healthy ends, less frizz, more shine… I could go on and on, but my curls have definitely benefited from them as well!

My Olaplex Routine

Olaplex No. 3

This product is used on the hair right before showering. I get a brush wet, brush through my hair to dampen it, then put about a dime size amount of this throughout my hair. Usually, my hair is gross enough by the time I’m washing it that I can put it into a bun with the product and it stays until it’s time to shower. I try to leave it on for as long as possible, though if I’m showering after a workout, it’s definitely just 15-20 minutes!

Olaplex No. 4

Next comes shampoo! I like how this smells, which is a plus, but I also feel like it gets my entire head clean. I apply to the scalp and scrub for a while, then let it sit for a bit before rinsing out.

Olaplex No. 5

Our last shower step is conditioner! I try to apply generously to my ends and also the baby hairs / bangs around my face that typically are the pieces I end up applying heat to the most. I leave on for a song or two (I have a waterproof shower speaker, I 10/10 recommend) and then rinse it out!

Olaplex No. 7

This bonding oil can be used any day, not just when I shower, but I find it works best on damp hair. If it’s on a day I’m not showering, I’ll wet a brush like with No. 3 and dampen my hair that way, but otherwise, I use this after I semi-dry my hair with a towel. Only use a small amount of this! I apply a few drops to my hair and run my fingers through it to evenly distribute.

I was a tad bit hesitant with the pricing on these products, as well as if they’d really live up to the hype, prior to purchasing. After using these four products for nearly three full months (just a day shy haha), they’re working great and in my eyes are worth the investment. They have given me the healthiest hair I’ve had in a decade, even with heat and color!!!

I’ll be posting the full before and after of my natural hair with no styling products soon, and will update this post with a link to it when it’s live 🙂


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