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Don’t Blame the Algorithm – Look Elsewhere

It’s been posted in blogger Facebook groups, it’s been texted furiously to our friends, and it’s been talked about on IG stories – THE ALGORITHM! How DARE Instagram change the algorithm from chronological! (agree) How annoying is it to now have our posts shown to people who chose to follow…

Instagram is a Game

Over the holidays, I downloaded the Game of Thrones Conquest app. I was bored, had watched everything on Netflix (no lie), and needed something else to do with my down time. I had a friend recommend the game, promising it to be “well-made” and “addictive.” Spoiler alert: It was. You…

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2018 in Review

This post has taken a long time to publish, because I keep adding more personal tidbits and explaining more than I initially thought I would. I hope you enjoy this deeper dive into the past year, my favorite collaborations, my ups and my downs. January The year kicked off in…

Why Bloggers Go to Fashion Week

Designers create collections, PR promotes the collections, models display the collections, beauty companies style the models, editors judge the collections and cover them for consumers… Where do bloggers fit into fashion week?

How Bloggers Make Money

I try to keep it real with yall, so today’s post is about something I get asked about a TON. “Do you actually get paid?” (Thankfully yes) “What do you ACTUALLY do? Does someone pay you per word in every blog post?” (I wish) “How do you make a living from just…

How to Go to Fashion Week

New York Fashion Week – the height of American fashion. Inaccessible unless you’re a celebrity, an heiress, or in the fashion world… or so we thought! Turns out, it’s SO EASY to go to fashion week as a blogger no matter if you have 3K or 300K followers, you just…

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